Why Satellite TV is better than Cable TV

Written by Dale Lawrence

Satellite TV is Makingrepparttar Cable Companies Run Scared

Satellite TV holds a great advantage overrepparttar 142156 cable TV companies. Not only isrepparttar 142157 picture and sound quality superior, but thereís more choice in what to watch. If you said to yourself Ďthereís nothing on TVí, switch to satellite. The differences couldnít be more obvious.

Cable quality vs. Satellite quality

Withrepparttar 142158 limited bandwidth that cable offers, itís no wonderrepparttar 142159 quality is poor. First,repparttar 142160 cable wire comes from a hub transmission system somewhere near your home. At source,repparttar 142161 signal is passable, but byrepparttar 142162 time it runs through your community, splitting to each house,repparttar 142163 signal has degraded. Asrepparttar 142164 cable is RF (radio frequency) based, it has converted from an audio/video signal (at source) to RF and then needs to re-convert back into audio/video for your television. Alongrepparttar 142165 way, anything broadcasting throughrepparttar 142166 air has tried to get intorepparttar 142167 cable line and will appear as noise on your TV screen.

Unfortunately, we are our worst enemy as well. Look at your cables and splitters inside your house. Poor quality RG6 or RF cable can cause great loss of signal too. Turn on your TV and have someone bend your cable in half and watch for ghosting on your picture. If it is ghosting, you have unshielded cables! Replace them with something better like Monster Cable. RF cable has a tough time producing stereo sound too, so donít expect great audio. Another culprit of poor cable quality isrepparttar 142168 cable splitter. Most splitters have just a positive and negative wire inside (itís a noise box). Throw it out and again replace with a good splitter (Monster Cable makes quality ones).

Satellite signals stay digital untilrepparttar 142169 receiver. That means better picture and audio. The picture can be 2-3 times better resolution from your cable picture. The sound fromrepparttar 142170 satellite receiver is true stereo and can be Dolby Digital surround depending onrepparttar 142171 program you are watching. Plus there are many more channels to choose from.

U2: The greatest live band in the history

Written by Calvin

In this moment,U2 arerepparttar best live rock band inrepparttar 142140 history, and U2//Vertigo Tour 2005, is one of their best tour of their life.

If you have not gone to any of their live's actuations, you are inrepparttar 142141 wrong way. Why? Because songs like 'With or without you', 'Untilrepparttar 142142 end ofrepparttar 142143 world' 'one' or 'Vertigo', are really better when you listen to them in a live concert.

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