Why Public Schools Hate Home-Schooling Parents

Written by Joel Turtel

Home-schooling is a great success. Thatís why many public-school authorities hate home-schooling parents.

Home-schoolers are a direct challenge torepparttar public-school monopoly. This monopoly makes it almost impossible to fire tenured public-school teachers or principals. As a result, tenure gives most teachers life-time guaranteed jobs. They get this incredible benefit only because public schools have a lock on our childrenís education.

If public-school employees had to work for private schools and compete for their jobs inrepparttar 148009 real world, they would lose their security-blanket tenure. Thatís why school authorities view home-schooling parents who challenge their monopoly as a serious threat.

Many school officials also canít standrepparttar 148010 fact that average parents who never went to college give their kids a better education than so-called public-school experts. Successful home-schooling parents therefore humiliaterepparttar 148011 failed public schools by comparison.

Home-schooling parents also humiliate school authorities who claim that only certified or licensed teachers are qualified to teach children. Most home-schooling parents thankfully never stepped foot inside a so-called teacher college or university department of education. Yet these parents give their children a superior education compared to public-school educated kids.

Also, many public-school officials resent home-schoolers becauserepparttar 148012 typical public school loses about $7500 a year in tax money for each child that leavesrepparttar 148013 system. Tax money isrepparttar 148014 life blood ofrepparttar 148015 public-school system. Tax money pays for public-school employeesí generous salaries, benefits, and pensions. Is it any wonder why school authorities donít want to lose their gravy train?

For these reasons, until fairly recently, most state legislatures either outlawed homeschooling or tried to strangle it to death with regulations. In 1980, only Utah, Ohio, and Nevada officially recognized parentsí rights to homeschool their children. In most other states, legislators continually harassed or prosecuted home-schoolers under criminal truancy laws and educational neglect charges.

Baby Strollers Tips and Advice

Written by Martin Smith

You have just learned that you are expecting a bundle of joy and now you need to begin gettingrepparttar things your baby will need. If this is your first baby allrepparttar 147961 decisions you need to make may seem overwhelming at first. One ofrepparttar 147962 biggest purchases you will need to make is aboutrepparttar 147963 type of stroller you will use for your baby.

There are so many different types of strollers to choose from and one ofrepparttar 147964 first things you need to do is determine your budget. There are strollers that can cost as little as $10.00 or as much as $400 and up. The lower end strollers are generallyrepparttar 147965 very light weight umbrella strollers. The advantage to these strollers isrepparttar 147966 fold nicely and can store almost anywhere. Asrepparttar 147967 price gets higherrepparttar 147968 features and quality ofrepparttar 147969 stroller may increase.

Strollers can come with a variety of features. What is important to you? Do you want a convertible travel system or a stroller that is just that and a car seat? There are travel systems that include a stay inrepparttar 147970 car base, an infant carrier/car safety seat, and a stroller frame forrepparttar 147971 infant seat which it is attached. These are great especially when your baby is newly born.

Strollers have a play tray that has insets for a bottle or juice cup. Many have canopies with a vinyl window so you can keep an eye onrepparttar 147972 baby. The brake on most strollers now are attached to both rear wheels and is easily applied with your foot and some also have a wrist strap brake that is used in conjunction withrepparttar 147973 foot break. It gives extra safety when you are stopped andrepparttar 147974 stroller won't 'roll away' while you haverepparttar 147975 strap.

There is usually a large storage basket underrepparttar 147976 seat(s) ofrepparttar 147977 strollers and many strollers now are coming with a parent tray that is place overrepparttar 147978 handle bar. It has a spot for a cup of coffee or a soda, a place for your cell phone, your keys and a place to hold a snack.

Handlebars are now height adjustable on most strollers and are reversible moving from eitherrepparttar 147979 front to back or vice versa. The height adjustable feature is a great saver onrepparttar 147980 backrepparttar 147981 reversible handle can help you see your baby while he rides if necessary.

The seat isrepparttar 147982 next consideration. Doesrepparttar 147983 seat recline and if so will it recline enough so that your newborn can lie almost flat? Isrepparttar 147984 seat well padded and will it be comfortable for your baby? Isrepparttar 147985 seat padding removable for washing?

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