Why Pregnant Women Get Stressed And Depressed?

Written by Sara Jameson

If you are a pregnant mother or soon will be, this isrepparttar most important reality you going to face. You will get stress and depress. Why? The physical and mental changes of a pregnant woman can affect her stress levels-especially since she is forced to see herself in a new light. The woman who was oncerepparttar 147397 prettiest girl atrepparttar 147398 dance may have turned into a sluggish, chubby grouch seemingly overnight. In her mind, she sees herself as ugly and dumpy, even though others just see her beautiful motherly glow.

Five Common Stress and Depress Among Pregnant Women

1. Pregnant women face an almost endless list of concerns-some valid and others not so. One ofrepparttar 147399 most valid worries is that of miscarriage, which is a big fear for women in their first trimester, especially if they have experienced past miscarriages or problem pregnancies. Miscarriage is a sad, unfortunate event for which many women blame themselves (Is it something I did? If I had done anything differently, would my baby have lived?). Anyone who has experienced this horrible loss knows that Mom is not to blame no matter what she may think.

2. Women also naturally worry if their babies will be healthy, so they fret over whether or not they are eatingrepparttar 147400 right foods, takingrepparttar 147401 right vitamins and getting enough exercise. Worry stretches into excess though when an expectant mom frets over everything from whether or not to eatrepparttar 147402 skin of an apple to how long she should wait to take her vitamin after lunch. As many silly worries as moms concoct, though, there are valid issues of concern. They affect some women to greater degrees than others.

Product Review: Send Out Cards With A Click Of A Mouse

Written by Sara Duggan

Product Review: Send out Cards Owner/Distributor Tricia http://sendoutcards.com/perkey Reviewed by: Sara Duggan customerservice@directsaleopportunities.com

My first impression of this product was quite low. I am a distributor for a greeting card company so I am a bit of a critic.

However, Tricia was so kind and excited about her product both inrepparttar emails she sent me and onrepparttar 147396 phone. I allowed myself to review her product on a blank slate. She sent me a sample card with a 1 year membership card to "Send Out Cards".

After a quick 15 minute "training" session with Tricia about how to send out cards, add people to my address book, and add additional stamps and cards to my membership card, I was ready to send out my first card. My son's Birthday is coming up so he was my obvious first choice. I browsed through a number of cards and pickedrepparttar 147397 one I thought would make him laugh. I also added a personal greeting torepparttar 147398 left side ofrepparttar 147399 card just for him. Send out cards also has an optional add a picture torepparttar 147400 left side so if you have a new picture ofrepparttar 147401 grandkids to send, you can attach it fairly easily.

Tricia talked me throughrepparttar 147402 steps of my first card. I added my son's information, pickedrepparttar 147403 card, wrote my message, and then literally withrepparttar 147404 "click of a mouse"repparttar 147405 card was sent. It was printed out, stamped, and mailed and I didn't have to leave my home. I must say I really like this product. My son was thrilled to receive Mail, especially mail from his dear ole' Mom. Now whenrepparttar 147406 Christmas season comes around, I know exactly how I will "send out cards". Just add my list torepparttar 147407 address book, pick my Christmas Cards, and "Click" they will be mailed out and I didn't even have to battlerepparttar 147408 holiday crowds.

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