Why People say – There is no money in Internet Marketing.

Written by Raamakant S.

Why People say – There is no money in Internet Marketing.

By: Raamakant S.

Just finished check my email. Nothing new, three payment notification emails from PayPal, two new ClickBank sales, one new prospect in membership site I’m promoting and one mail from a frustrated marketer “I’ve been doing Internet marketing for last 3 years, I’ve joined so many programs. I max out my credit card but haven’t made a dime yet.”

I receive this type of mails daily and always wonder why people don’t earn money through Internet. In fact it’srepparttar easiest way to make money. I think there may be two reasons behind it.

1. People are not willing to learn.

People don’t want to learn. A research shows that 97% people think that they are smarter than others and they need not to learn new things. I’m not saying that they are wrong. Off course they are expert in their field but when it comes to other field or say Internet marketing they are zero. They don’t know anything about it so they should learn first.

You may ask what aboutrepparttar 146642 rest 3%. Well these 3% people don’t think they are smarter (they are actually smartest) and they try to learn from everyone. That’s why these 3% people are having 97% wealth ofrepparttar 146643 world.

2. Internet is filled with hypes.

The second reason is that internet is filled with hypes. There are thousands of companies and marketers, who want only your money. They don’t care about you and usually don’t deliver what they promised. When somebody tries to learn from them, he ends up with an exhausted credit card and a belief that “There is no money in Internet Marketing”

Sorepparttar 146644 real question is what you should do to get succeed. In one line “Learn everything from a reliable source and implement that strategies in your business.

There is a shocking fact “successful internet marketers don’t try to sale anything to anybody”.

“What, how will they earn money if they don’t sale” you may ask. Well first they gain trust of people and than simply recommend some product. The best way to gain trust is give them some valuable gift. It may be a mini-course, a short report or some kind of software. You too can do it.

How to Start a Home Decor Business for Profit

Written by Randy Wilson

Love home decorating? Then a Home Decor Home Business is something you want to know about. Interior decorating has exploded inrepparttar years since 9/11 as people began seeking security and comfort in their homes. And home decorating businesses have benefited tremendously.

There are some home decorating businesses that are part ofrepparttar 146617 home show business trend. You sign up as a sales representative with a company specializing in home decor or home decorating products and have shows where you presentrepparttar 146618 items—and sale them. You can offer these shows in your own home or go into other people’s homes and give them. These shows can be a great deal of fun and are a way of having your own home decor business. If you’re a little unsure of your abilities or afraid of getting in over your head as you start your home decorating business, this could be a good home decorating businesses opportunity for you.

If, however, you’re more independent and have a flair for interior decorating, you may want to start a home decorating business all your own. You don’t have to go for entire home overhauls, either. You can specialize in draperies, kitchen remodeling, carpeting, art and accessories, or color scheme choices, just to name a few, asrepparttar 146619 focus of your home decor home business. The possibilities are as endless as your home decorating ideas forrepparttar 146620 home decor home business concept.

As you start your home decor home business, some contacts you’ll want to make are with:

  • Interior designers
  • Home builders and contractors
  • Architects
  • Art galleries
  • Carpet companies
  • Paint companies
  • Antique dealers
  • Thrift stores
  • Surplus stores
  • Arts and crafts stores
  • Lighting specialists
  • Furniture stores and dealers

Why, you ask, do I need contacts with businesses like these? Because they know people who may needrepparttar 146621 services of a home decor home business. They can spreadrepparttar 146622 word about your business and put you in touch with prospective clients. Which means you can get to work more quickly, and often with more upscale clients than you could reach on your own, especially when you’re just starting a home decor home business.

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