Why People Are Not Healed - And How To Prevent It

Written by A K Whitehead

Why People Are Not Healed - And How To Prevent It by A K Whitehead

Why are some people not healed when we pray with them?

This is one ofrepparttar most recurrent questions inrepparttar 126946 Christian healing ministry. Everyone who has prayed with others for their healing has experiencerepparttar 126947 apparent lack of response to their prayer. Yetrepparttar 126948 gospels lead us to believe that Jesus wishes everyone to be healed. Why, then, are some not healed?

Inrepparttar 126949 book I wrote with my wife, "The Keys To Praying For Healing", we discuss this at some length. There is no simple answer to that question. A range of possible answers lies both withrepparttar 126950 pray-er and withrepparttar 126951 prayed-for. This article briefly considersrepparttar 126952 latter.

Investigating these sets of causes will greatly increase your effectiveness in praying with people for healing.

1. The Cause Can Lead To The Cure This can often be closely related torepparttar 126953 latter point. Find out all you can about howrepparttar 126954 condition came about. For example, were other people involved? Are they being blamed? Is God himself held to be blamed? The latter is not uncommon. Frequentlyrepparttar 126955 key to healing lies inrepparttar 126956 cause ofrepparttar 126957 complaint.

Check-out as many possible factors like these as you can. Often time is very limited, of course. But some occasions do permit time for more thorough investigation. This is especially so if you hold healing sessions at home or through church facilities. There is no need to be crude about this. Just keep such possibilities in mind as you questionrepparttar 126958 person.

2. Lack Of Belief By The Suffer While this problem is most likely to arise in expected instances, there will also be unexpected ones. Inrepparttar 126959 former case, one might expect "marginal" Christians to have little expectation of healing.Yet sometimes these people are remarkably open torepparttar 126960 healing love of Jesus. They may seem to us to be onrepparttar 126961 fringes of Christianity, but there are sometimes quite, at least to them, valid reasons for their apparent lack of involvement inrepparttar 126962 Body of Christ.

Sometimes people whom we expect to be open are not. On occasions there are hidden reasons for this. If so, we need to try and discover them and, in difficult cases, tease them out. Sensitivity and a lack of judgementalism are extremely important in ministering. People will tend to close up inrepparttar 126963 face of crudeness and an apparent lack of real concern for them.

Who Prays When You Pray?

Written by A K Whitehead

Who Prays When You Pray? A K Whitehead

When we pray, who doesrepparttar praying? Almost any knowledgable Christian will giverepparttar 126945 same response to that question. In fact, it is a questions which separatesrepparttar 126946 knowledgable fromrepparttar 126947 less knowledgeable Christian.

The response, of course, ought to be that it isrepparttar 126948 Holy Spirit who doesrepparttar 126949 praying, not us. For example, Paul tells us in Ephesians 6:18 that we should pray inrepparttar 126950 Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. So however we are praying and whatever we are praying for, it should berepparttar 126951 Holy Spirit who is doingrepparttar 126952 praying.

But is it?

Establishing Our Priorities Sometimes we are so caught up in our own problems and difficulties that we perhaps miss-remember what Paul tells us in Romans 8. 26. We behave as if he said that, when we do not know what to pray for,repparttar 126953 Holy Spirit will pray on our behalf.

In fact, when we think about it, that would be a contradiction of Ephesians 6. 18. Of course, what Paul actually says in Romans 8:26 is thatrepparttar 126954 "Spirit helps us in our weakness." This weakness is a general condition, not a specific one! For Paul goes on to say that "We do not know what we ought to pray for, butrepparttar 126955 Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express." (New International Version).

Again note that there is a general statement here: "We do not know...", He does not say "On those occasion when we do not know what to pray for..."

We often think we know what to pray for. Some of us may consider that we always know what to pray for. We either ignore what Paul says, or we do not know what he says, or we do not want to meet what he says "head on", as it were.

In effect, we establish our own priorities in prayer. Moreover, we establish in them preference to whateverrepparttar 126956 priorities ofrepparttar 126957 Holy Spirit happen to be.

Some Of Our Problems There are several important problems which we tend to have in allowingrepparttar 126958 Spirit to establish his own priorities in our prayers.

1. We lack faith. We do have faith, certainly, but do we use it? If we don't, it will not grow. Here, we need to have sufficient faith to know thatrepparttar 126959 Spirit does hear us and responds to us.

2. We lack trust. This is certainly a strict concomitant of faith. If we do not have sufficient ofrepparttar 126960 former, we shall certainly be deficient inrepparttar 126961 latter! Can we trustrepparttar 126962 Spirit to pray through us? and for what is most needed at this time?

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