Why Our Site Was Removed from the Open Directory Project

Written by K.D. Wiseman

Our website, http://www.bestofthehome.com has been listed in repparttar Open Directory Project for over a year. Recently, I conducted a search ofrepparttar 151131 ODP for my site, to update it, and found that it was no longer listed in any category.

I went torepparttar 151132 ODP forums http://resource-zone.com to try to obtain information as to why this had happened. The editors and moderators ofrepparttar 151133 forum informed me that websites that sell products viarepparttar 151134 drop-ship method do not get listed in repparttar 151135 ODP, “becauserepparttar 151136 content of these websites are not unique andrepparttar 151137 sites are just “order takers” forrepparttar 151138 wholesalers.” ODP will gladly listrepparttar 151139 wholesalers if they meetrepparttar 151140 ODP guidelines.

The guidelines for a site to be listed inrepparttar 151141 ODP Shopping/Home and Garden/Furniture Category are listed below:

“Submission guidelines include thatrepparttar 151142 web site itself actually be a means of sellingrepparttar 151143 Furniture products. Thus, appropriate product images and descriptions, specific product pricing and a means of ordering fromrepparttar 151144 web site itself are required to qualify as a "Shopping" site.”

As you can see,repparttar 151145 guidelines say nothing aboutrepparttar 151146 fact that ifrepparttar 151147 website usesrepparttar 151148 dropship method that they will not be listed. Evenrepparttar 151149 category descriptions, Sites which sell Furniture used inrepparttar 151150 home are listed in this category. Please note that web sites listed in this or any Furniture Shopping category must berepparttar 151151 "means of selling"repparttar 151152 furniture, and therefore must properly display and describe repparttar 151153 products for sale, give specific prices and provide a means of orderingrepparttar 151154 product fromrepparttar 151155 site itself.” does not mention anything about dropship websites not being listed.

In our own case, our website meets all ofrepparttar 151156 requirements above, we listrepparttar 151157 products for sale, we have pictures and descriptions of allrepparttar 151158 products we sell, give specific prices and provide a means of orderingrepparttar 151159 product on site, but since we do not design and manufacturerepparttar 151160 products we are considered a drop-shipper forrepparttar 151161 wholesaler.

The OPD, by their own admission, looks at dropship websites in this fashion, and these are direct quotes from some of repparttar 151162 moderators onrepparttar 151163 forum,

“Let's callrepparttar 151164 real businesses "mom-and-pop businesses" and repparttar 151165 other ... oh, I think "pseudonymous fright wigs for anonymous faceless giant corporations" pretty well covers repparttar 151166 relevant facts.”

“drop shippers are a variety of affiliate operation, they don't offer anything unique, and they act merely as an extension ofrepparttar 151167 marketing department ofrepparttar 151168 corporation they are affiliated with. Therefore we don't list 'em. Renting storage space in someone else's warehouse to store your own goods, using an independent courier to deliver, etc. don't make someone a drop shipper. But then againrepparttar 151169 independent distributor of mass market stuff is unlikely to make it in if we already have sites sellingrepparttar 151170 same mass market stuff listed. Unique content is king. In addition, a site's placement inrepparttar 151171 directory is subject to change or deletion at any time at our sole discretion. ”

How my page rank went from 0 to 5 in one update. How yours can too.

Written by Joe Balestrino

Increase Your Google Page Rank!

This article will put a damper on web sites that sell information which will supposedly increase your page rank. I may make some enemies here, but this is already common knowledge. In fact, to make sure it worked, I designed a new site just for this purpose. Before you shell out money for an ebook, software, or CD telling you how to do this; read this article. If you achieve great results after following my advice and feel it was worth some money, feel free to write me a check for any amount you choose. I 'll add my own zeros.

Page Rank. We all know what is. We all want to rank higher. Higher rankings mean a lot of things to a lot of people. To web masters it means achievement. They have accomplished a move inrepparttar right direction. A high page rank to a website owner is money inrepparttar 150999 bank. It is also an impressive accomplishment. To other website owners your page rank may be a source of envy.

To Google your page rank means quality, importance and relevancy. It lets Google know you are a viable resource and a valuable asset. Google takes your Page Rank and combines it with their text-matching techniques. This, combined with a page’s content andrepparttar 151000 content ofrepparttar 151001 pages linking to it, determines if your site is a good match. So, a higher Page Rank will certainly help you on Google.

As for surfers. Most of them could care less about your Page Rank. In fact, many of them don't even know what it is. However, those that do use it in a different way. Some use it as a way to unofficially gauge your credibility.

Ok, I am sure you've been wondering when I was going to tell you about how to achieve a ranking like I did. I went from a 0 Page Rank to a 5. Now, mind you, I did not purchase any links from high ranking sites, or any sites for that matter. I did not launch a link exchange program. I did exchange links with about five directories related to my site’s topic, but that was it. Actually, 97% of my links are all one-way links (links pointing to my site).

So, how did I do it? Any ideas? If you know SEO you may already knowrepparttar 151002 answer. Link Farms? Of, course not. We know Google will frown on that method. Did I design or optimize sites and add my URL? Hmmm..Yes! However, that is a small percent ofrepparttar 151003 success. SEO companies don’t usually add their URL to sites they have optimized. Ok, so what else?

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