Why Not Start Your Own Web Site?

Written by Mickey Coult

There's a nasty little rumor out inrepparttar media right now, claiming that repparttar 117901 Internet explosion is dying down to little more than some occasional surfing. However, according to Nielsen/NetRatings, in home Internet use by Americans has increased six percent inrepparttar 117902 last year, and by a whopping nineteen percent since 1999. That means that 58% of all American homes are currently surfingrepparttar 117903 Net generally on a daily basis.

Whilerepparttar 117904 average web user tends to spend about ten and a half hours online per month, people usingrepparttar 117905 internet for research purposes seem to log on a quite a bit more than that. Workers or students looking for valuable information regarding their current research topic are putting in an average of twenty plus hours a week!

Withrepparttar 117906 Internet being used more commonly as a research tool and showing up in more homes everyday,repparttar 117907 chances of people viewing a web page are increased greatly. Having a web site can have more than one advantage, whether you are a business owner, student, teacher, or just someone that wants to share information or opinions with other people.

Oftentimes, small business owners have trouble marketing their products to people outside their own local area. With a web site that pulls up when a potential customer typesrepparttar 117908 site's key words into a search engine,repparttar 117909 business owner just expanded his customer database to worldwide proportions without even setting foot outside his home or office.

Magic in the air: But Where Are My Millions!

Written by Milana Nastetskaya

Please, forgive me, but today I am going to sound harsh. Just got a note from one ofrepparttar customers in my town. John owns a landscaping business and 3 months ago decided to take his company cyber. Well, guess what his today's note said: "Haven't got any feedback fromrepparttar 117900 web site so, please, close my account".

John has invested a total of $60 ($20 a month) into his web site, and 5 minutes of his time to fill outrepparttar 117901 form. The web site was automatically generated based onrepparttar 117902 information he put in, so there is no extra work involved.

Then John just got back to his business, waiting to see what happens. As many of you already realize - NOTHING HAPPENED.

No freebie was offered, no e-mail addresses were collected for future contact, no special offers were posted... What exactly did John expect to happen? Thousands of visitors to pour to his web site? But he didn't submit his URL to any ofrepparttar 117903 Search Engines either. Nor did he promote his web site on any ofrepparttar 117904 places where his potential customers might hang out.

Or may be John was hoping to increase his bottom line through an idle web site? Nope, not happening either.

You will be surprised how many people give up after 3-4 months of having a web site, complaining that it's not bringingrepparttar 117905 results they were hoping for. Some even go as far as spendingrepparttar 117906 time and money buildingrepparttar 117907 site, but then leave it alone and wait forrepparttar 117908 sales to pour in.

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