Why No One Buys From Your Site!

Written by Mose Ross

Like most online entrepreneurs,repparttar main reason you created your web site is so you can make some money online.

And like most online entrepreneurs, you probably know how depressing it can be to have spent your life savings on your site or products & have no one buy from your site.

But how do you get someone to buy from your site? There are many answers to this question, but let's discussrepparttar 127418 top three: merchant account,repparttar 127419 right products & a web site!

Well everyone knows in order to make sales online, you need a merchant account, without it you won't make a single sale!

But what most online entrepreneurs fail to realize is that 30% of online consumers still prefer to use checks online. I don't know about you, but 30% is a lot to me. Make sure you accept both credit cards & checks! Next arerepparttar 127420 right products.

Most Internet marketing programs today, instruct you how to market your products & make sales. Whatrepparttar 127421 programs fails to tell you are which products will sell online. To determine if your product(s) will sell online, ask yourself these three questions:

1. Does it fill a need or solve a problem? 2. Does it have worldwide appeal? You are onrepparttar 127422 net! 3. Is it available atrepparttar 127423 store? If it is, is it cheaper?

If you can't answer yes torepparttar 127424 above questions, you need to find yourself another product because it will not sell online. Now let's discuss your web site.

Instant Cashflow! How To Immediately Create A Surge Of New Orders For Your Business!

Written by Wes Blaylock

With these economic downtimes among us, it sometimes feels like we are very overworked, and underpaid in our Internet businesses.

Costs are stillrepparttar same, but sales are lagging. This alone is bad enough for your business, aside fromrepparttar 127417 depression that could set in and cause you to be less productive.

So to step aside from that and get your business back to creatingrepparttar 127418 type of income that you are used to, even when people just aren't spending as much, here are a few tactics to create instant surges of cash, with very little work.

1. Run a "clearance" sale

This is an easy one. Simply run a special sale on one of your products. Here are a few ideas:

- We're Over-stocked so you can order at 20% off...

- The manufacturer gave us a good deal, so we are passingrepparttar 127419 savings on to you...

- We have a warehouse full of already-opened, but perfectly normal products that we are going to sell for half off..Only 54 units are available...

2. Offer an extra bonus

Here is a simple idea. Create a new, exclusive bonus to offer to everybody who orders within a certain time frame.

This bonus can be an audio interview with a recognized industry expert, a special report, a new gadget, whatever.

Tell them that they can get this special new bonus if they order within 5-15-20 (or however long you want to give them) days from today.

If your bonus is of high value, many people will order your product just to getrepparttar 127420 bonus. Either way, you still getrepparttar 127421 sale.

3. Joint venture to increase value

You can joint venture with a complimentary product owner and offer each others products as a package forrepparttar 127422 same price.

So if I sell a product for say $39, and you sell one for $39, my traffic and your traffic can get both products for $39 if they order within a certain time frame.

This is more drastic, but *definitely* gives you an instant surge of new orders. You can usually get these kinds of deals quickly whenrepparttar 127423 JV partner seesrepparttar 127424 instant potential it can have.

You don't want to de-value your product by doing this though, so you have to make it quick. Set it up to only last for 3 days or so, email your opt-in list about it, then take it down.

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