Why New Musicians (Rappers) Fail: Three Reasons and Solutions

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Despiterepparttar title of this article,repparttar 149893 purpose of it is actually to HELP new emcees AVOID some common traps on their journey to learning how to rap better. You can come up with a million reasons why new rappers fail…or why any artist fails for that matter, but we’ve boiledrepparttar 149894 list down to three specific to new emcees.

The three reasons simply put are:

1)The Hobby Factor 2)The Experience Factor 3)The Focus Problem

Through dealing with countless aspiring rappers, we at The State of Hip Hop have noticed that most problems emcees face can in one way or another be traced to these three root troubles.

Simply statingrepparttar 149895 problems is of use, but of more use is what I’m sure you all are looking for…a solution.

So let’s begin…

1) The Hobby Factor:

Millions of people aroundrepparttar 149896 world play poker. Of those, only a few thousand are professional. The remainder would probably like to be…they sincerely likerepparttar 149897 game, yet they don’t have a passion for it…for them, poker remains simply a hobby.

This isrepparttar 149898 case with a good many aspiring emcees. They love rap, they have favorite rappers, know allrepparttar 149899 words to their songs…but in reality, hip-hop is simply their hobby – enjoyable entertainment. Even so, there is nothing wrong with this.

There are a good many rappers who are successful and yet don’t take rap very seriously. For every KRS-One and Common Sense, you have a pair of Ying Yang Twins or a Master P.

The idea of “not taking rap seriously” does not necessarily refer torepparttar 149900 art of rhyme, but instead to rap as a career or business opportunity. So while Master P may not rack his brain trying to craftrepparttar 149901 most amazing rhyme, he does seriously analyze marketing strategies, distribution outlets, promotional events, etc…all part ofrepparttar 149902 rap game.

But I’m jumping ahead. You may not think this pertains to you. You may think, “I’ll worry about that if and when I get that far.” But therein liesrepparttar 149903 problem…a mind that is not preparing itself forrepparttar 149904 big picture. It goes back torepparttar 149905 old “thinking ten steps ahead” philosophy.

Some common signs that a new rapper is stuck in this rut are that they try and come up with good ideas, have writer’s block, and stop. Or come up with a few bars or verses, think they’re no good, get upset, give up for a while, and pickrepparttar 149906 pen up again in a couple of days or weeks. For these people rap is a hobby.

Rap is made a hobby by others because they are afraid to fail at it...Remember this! And it applies to everything you do; Success is achieved only after many failures. If you can't handle failure, you're not ready for success.

The Hobby Factor - Solution:

Make rap a priority, set some time aside to dedicate to it. This doesn’t mean “forget all your other responsibilities, but do write every day. Writing every day sounds very simple, agreed, but it is rarely practiced. The practice becomes understood to be “write a hot verse/song every day”…which it is not.

“Write every day” simply means that. Write down your freestyles, a poem,repparttar 149907 opening page of a short story, ideas for a song, literally anything! You’ll be amazed at how drastically this will speed up your learning curve.

Another good idea is to change your entire frame of mind. Let’s say you’re living at home with your parents. Things are pretty straight, you’re not starving. You plan on being a mechanical engineer…What then is motivating you to improve your raps?

Now let’s say you got your girlfriend pregnant, are living partially onrepparttar 149908 streets, working two jobs to eek out a living…and you see rap as your way out. Well now you got some fire under your ass don’t you?

The point is not that you need to be in any particular circumstance to be a good rapper…but that if your situation isn’t motivating you, you need to force that motivation on you by some other means.

Rap with a hunger…like you literally need it to eat! Don’t treat it like a pastime. Whether you end up becoming a successful musician or not,repparttar 149909 time you dedicated is never wasted. Good rap skills and song writing skills are amazingly beneficial to developing a good ability to express yourself in any field.

2) The Experience Factor:

Women Are Not Aliens

Written by Deborah Willis

One ofrepparttar very worst mistakes a man can make with women is to believe that she's an alien creature of some sort. By this I mean that it's a mistake to view women fromrepparttar 149810 stance that she's an entirely different sort of being in every way possible. This simply is not true. Women are different in many ways, but basically men and women are very similar. Everyone hasrepparttar 149811 same basic needs.

Physical needs, such as food and water, of course, are vital to everyone. We all possessrepparttar 149812 same basic emotional needs as well. We're all human and haverepparttar 149813 desire to be wanted and needed by someone special in our lives. We all haverepparttar 149814 need to be loved and cherished.

Men are taught not to be overly sensitive or show vulnerability else they're labeled as "sissy". That may serve them well onrepparttar 149815 football field, but not inrepparttar 149816 relationship arena. Women adore men who are able to show their soft side to them.

Women like men who are strong and manyly, yet sensitive and caring. Show her you have a heart underneath that tough exterior and she'll love you for it. Go ahead and let your guard down once in a while whenrepparttar 149817 situation is appropriate. It's OK to be a tough guy, but when you're alone with your lady you need to soften up a bit.

If you come across as heartless, she's going to interpret that to mean you are incapable of feeling and experiencing love and she'll write you off as a lost cause. Women possess hormones which cause their emotions to getrepparttar 149818 best of them at times. That's just how it is and she can't change that. Men also possessrepparttar 149819 same hormones in smaller quantities and they're taught early on not to let their emotions getrepparttar 149820 best of them.

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