Why Most People Don't Really Want to Heal (Part 1)

Written by Kevin B. Burk

I recently attended a metaphysical lecture facilitated by Guy Williams, a friend of mine who also happens to be a minister of Religious Science. Afterrepparttar lecture, Guy opened repparttar 122123 floor for prayer requests, and one ofrepparttar 122124 attendees asked for healing for a family member who was experiencing a significant health crisis.

Inrepparttar 122125 course ofrepparttar 122126 discussion, Guy asked ifrepparttar 122127 attendee was certain that her family member actually wanted to heal, observing, "Most people don't really want to heal. Most people just want to stop hurting."

Once again, an off-hand comment by Guy Williams completely rearrangedrepparttar 122128 furniture in my head. (If you'd like to see repparttar 122129 results of some of Guy's other off-hand comments, check out The Relationship Handbook: How to Understand and Improve Every Relationship in Your Life. The sections on forgiveness and anger are both inspired by Guy's wisdom).

Most people don't want to heal. Most people just want to stop hurting.

Most of us want to wave a magic wand and makerepparttar 122130 pain go away. Most of us focus on treatingrepparttar 122131 symptoms: we'll take pills, injections, or have surgery. We claim that we want to heal, but we rarely choose to heal. We remain motivated as long as we're in pain, and once that pain has become bearable or manageable, we choose to return to our normal lives.

This is not healing.

For most of us, healing is a big, scary, and uncomfortable prospect. Healing requires that we do two very simple, yet incredibly unappealing tasks. First, we must accept that we are responsible for creating our own illness: Our thoughts, beliefs, choices and actions are directly responsible for repparttar 122132 imbalance and dis-ease we are experiencing in our physical bodies. Second, we must be willing to change our lives and eliminaterepparttar 122133 thoughts, beliefs, choices and actions that created and supportedrepparttar 122134 imbalance and dis-ease, replacing them with new choices that support balance and health.

The process of healing really is very simple, and if we break it down into small, manageable steps, followingrepparttar 122135 process can also become easy as well. As with most challenges we encounter during our human experience, healing requires that we first become familiar with and learn how to master our egos.

THE CARE AND FEEDING OF THE EGO Let's begin by remembering who we truly are. We are each whole and complete, eternal, multi-dimensional beings, individualized aspects of All That Is. We are also each currently having a human experience, inrepparttar 122136 third dimension of matter and form, onrepparttar 122137 planet Earth.

When we begin our human experiences, we're given a very useful tool to help us to interact withrepparttar 122138 third dimension: repparttar 122139 ego. The ego is entirely a third-dimensional construct. In a sense, we put on an "ego suit" so that we can experience and explorerepparttar 122140 third dimension from a unique and specific point of view. The ego helps us to pretend that we are individuals; more specifically,repparttar 122141 ego helps us to pretend that we're not, in fact, connected to each other as a part of All That Is. Ultimately, our egos are designed to help us to remember where we left our car keys, and not much else.

The problem is that our egos don't know this.

Our ego believes that its job is to protect us from what it perceives to be a very cruel and dangerous universe. Since repparttar 122142 ego was created to help us maintainrepparttar 122143 illusion of separation fromrepparttar 122144 Source, separation is all thatrepparttar 122145 ego knows. The ego feels lost, isolated and alone. In an attempt to protect us fromrepparttar 122146 pain ofrepparttar 122147 world,repparttar 122148 ego increases our sense of separation. Of course,repparttar 122149 greaterrepparttar 122150 separation,repparttar 122151 more pain. The morerepparttar 122152 ego tries to protect us fromrepparttar 122153 pain of separation,repparttar 122154 more pain it causes.

The ego's single greatest fear is death. Everythingrepparttar 122155 ego does, it does to try to prevent itself from being destroyed. The ego _can_ be destroyed-it's a product ofrepparttar 122156 third dimension, and therefore it's fragile and finite. _We_, on repparttar 122157 other hand, are eternal, multi-dimensional beings who can never die or be destroyed because we are a part of All That Is. We get into trouble when we start to identify with our egos and forget our true natures. When we start to believe that we are our egos, we seerepparttar 122158 world from our ego's point of view and experience fear and pain.

All fear comes fromrepparttar 122159 ego. All fear, in fact, is directly related torepparttar 122160 ego's fear of being destroyed. Fear can only exist when we believe that we are separated fromrepparttar 122161 Source. The more we believerepparttar 122162 ego,repparttar 122163 more we believe we are separate fromrepparttar 122164 Source, andrepparttar 122165 more we experience fear.

Only two states of being exist: fear and love. We experience fear when we listen torepparttar 122166 ego and buy intorepparttar 122167 idea that we're separate fromrepparttar 122168 universe. We experience love when we rememberrepparttar 122169 truth that we are whole and complete. It's not possible to experience both states of being atrepparttar 122170 same time, although most of us are masters at switching between them almost instantly.

Psychic Combat: Part One

Written by Dale Power

When I hearrepparttar words psychic combat I think of wizards with glowing hands holding off dragons and small armies of soldiers, bent on destroying, well,repparttar 122122 good guys. Or perhaps a super hero with “Powers ofrepparttar 122123 Mind” whisking small children out ofrepparttar 122124 grasp ofrepparttar 122125 evil super villain. The facts ofrepparttar 122126 matter though are often a little different than that.

Psychic combat has traditionally not been spoken of in public. When it has been mentioned, hushed tones have been used, and very few real techniques have ever been discussed in a factual manner. Most ofrepparttar 122127 information available torepparttar 122128 public amounts to superstitious recounting of curses orrepparttar 122129 use of voo-doo dolls in fiction. The reasons for this are clear. Psychic Combat is perhaps better described as psychic sabotage and assassination, because once you have basic shielding and some defensive strategies down, that is what you have left. Most people have felt, with some merit, that teaching people to harm others in a way that cannot be easily traced, is wrong. That too many would misuse their talents if they had this information.

In this series you will be told how to use psychic skills to cause break-downs in equipment, promote dissension among a group of people, sabotage food and water supplies, confuse individuals and large groups, cause harm to specific individuals and finally how to kill with psychic abilities.

My hope is that no one will ever have to use any of these skills in a negative way. Life being what it is though, I feel that I would be remiss were I to pretend such things can not be done, to good effect, in time of war or other desperate situations. Also, I hope to show several good, practical reasons, for why many of these techniques, those that harm or kill people in particular, should not be used without extreme levels of skill and care. To do that though, it is important to understand what is being done. Without a basic understanding ofrepparttar 122130 processes involved, many will be tempted to try such things without understanding why it will backfire on them.

Yes, these skills could be abused. Only with a good understanding of these types of actions though, will you be able to defend against them, if you or your fellows are attacked psychically. Knowledge in this case is dangerous to others. Ignorance is dangerous, perhaps deadly, to you.

Aside from ethics, which I hope everyone will be thinking about before applying these skills, this article is aboutrepparttar 122131 basic knowledge and practices needed to userepparttar 122132 more technical data to be presented in future articles.

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