Why Most Affiliates Fail

Written by Ratliff J

Ever wonder how some affiliates make thousands per month, while many other struggle to make a few hundred?

The reasons are usually quite common. In one word: marketing! Not only does this relate to how well you market your websites or links, but also how wellrepparttar sales page is marketed forrepparttar 141107 product you are selling. This may be controlled by you orrepparttar 141108 affiliate manager forrepparttar 141109 program you are involved in.

So,repparttar 141110 question becomes, How do I earn thousands instead of hundreds?

The answer: Follow a few tips, and always keep an eye out for new oppurtunities.

Affiliate Marketing - Conversions

Written by Joanne King

What is a good converting site?

Well they say a “good” converting site is one that sells 1 in 100 visitors.

Now once you’ve chosen which affiliate program you want to promote using Google Adwords you may be thinking “well I’ll just let it run for 100 clicks and if I don’t make a sale I’ll give itrepparttar flick”.

But that wouldn’t be a “true” test of whether it is a good converting site or not. You see, it doesn’t just happen at every “100”. You may get to 170 visitors without any sales whatsoever then BAM BAM BAM 3 sales in a row.

My recommendations for testing an affiliate program using Google Adwords would be to find a few keywords that not many people are using (you can do this simply by thinking of some keywords YOU would type in if you were looking or this product), if there is 7 or less ads onrepparttar 140992 sponsored side then that means you can get those keywords for 5 cents and still makerepparttar 140993 first page.

You can also check to see how well those keywords do over on overture simply by going to: http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion/ and typing inrepparttar 140994 keywords into there. The numbers that appear asiderepparttar 140995 word is how many times that keyword was searched in overture for a month.

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