Why Join 2 Tier Affiliate Programs?

Written by Terence Tan

Likerepparttar more common single tier affiliate programs, 2 tier affiliate programs are a great basis for web-based partnerships between merchants and affiliates. Merchants can focus their efforts on what they should do best-creating high quality products and getting them to customers. Meanwhile, affiliates concentrate on producing interesting content to attract web traffic. And when they successfully refer visitors to buy affiliate products, an affiliate commission is earned.

However, 2 tier affiliate programs have an additional attraction for affiliates. When they sign up sub-affiliates under them, and these sub-affiliates successfully make affiliate sales,repparttar 102408 original affiliate also earns a referral commission. The result is that affiliates not only make a profit from their direct sales efforts, but also benefit fromrepparttar 102409 leveraged effects of sub-affiliates under them.

While 2 tier affiliate programs are definitely a new and rapidly growing trend in affiliate marketing,repparttar 102410 traditional rules still apply. Choose only good products, with high sales conversions (check outrepparttar 102411 persuasiveness ofrepparttar 102412 merchants website), and only work with merchants who pay regularly! After all, there's no reason to waste precious traffic on affiliate products are hard to sell, or on merchants who don't make it a point to send those commissions on time.

Turn PPC Campaigns into Riches using Affiliate Storefronts.

Written by George Papazoglou

Why pay more "per click" when you can "bundle" your most profitable affiliate programs, into a well-presented website?

Let your prospective "PPC visitors" berepparttar solemn judge of which product ultimately matches with his / her interests, by endorsing your affiliated vendors with "affiliate storefronts".

Set-up a "one-page" website enthusiastically promoting your vendors, instead of massacring your PPC advertising budget just to "testrepparttar 102407 waters" of which affiliate program isrepparttar 102408 most lucrative for your PPC (AD)ventures.

The ROI on your investment with Affiliate Storefronts, will indubitably be much greater than "conventional PPC" advertising.

Your PPC prospects will be more motivated to bookmarking your own unique (URL) Affiliate Storefront, which in turn features two or multiple vendors... since it automatically 'stirs' their "picky buying behaviour" to easily comparerepparttar 102409 best options for their online shopping researches.

~~ Be Alert onrepparttar 102410 Vendors You Promote with Affiliate Storefronts ~~

It is of critical significance to endorse merchants who deploy sophisticated sales tracking mechanisms, like honouring reorders etc...

[ see how to evaluate an affiliate marketing opportunity at http://associateshare.com/articles/article_1.htm ]

Personally, I am inclined to endorsing Merchants who don't accrue too much competition like saturated Internet Marketing programs.

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