Why Is There "Egg" On My Hamburger?

Written by Jim Edwards

Have you ever had egg and red beet root on your hamburger?

I haven't... in fact, when I pulledrepparttar top ofrepparttar 118127 bun off my burger at "Hungry Jack's" and saw notrepparttar 118128 usual pickle, onion and special sauce, but beet root and a fried egg, you could have picked my chin up offrepparttar 118129 floor with a spatula.

HOW inrepparttar 118130 world does anybody eat egg and beet root on ahamburger?

I looked aroundrepparttar 118131 hamburger shop and realized that other people were eating egg on their hamburgers too... and to them it seemed quite normal.

Then I looked aroundrepparttar 118132 restaurant a bit more and realizedthe "Hungry Jack's" is actually "Burger King" (minus the"King").

Onrepparttar 118133 way back torepparttar 118134 hotel we stopped at Starbucks and I ordered a "venti half caf" (translation "large half regular half decaf"). My ability to order at Starbucks is one o frepparttar 118135 few things I do in life that makes me feel "hip" and cool. So I gave my order with my usual style and flair, andrepparttar 118136 girl looked at me and said "Excuse me?"

So, realizing that my American accent was probably getting inrepparttar 118137 way (it's my turn to berepparttar 118138 one who "talks" funny), I told her again - "Venti half caf".

She looked at me for another minute and shook her head. She actually looked a little helpless with this foolish American standing in front of her. So, I explained, "I want a large half regular, half decafmixed together. "A look of understanding instantly washed over her face and she looked at me and said " You want a 'weak' coffee."

This morning I went to Krispy Kreme and, after help withthe translation from a very patient lady behind thecounter, we figured out I wanted a "flat white" and Terri wanted a "flat black" coffee.

The Australians have demonstrated enormous patience with me and their hospitality has been truly incredible!! One ofrepparttar 118139 amazing things that's happening to me (right now, this very minute), is that since I've been thrown so far out of my comfort zone and familiar surroundings that my mind is absolutely on fire with possibilities, ideas,and new patterns of thinking.

I wanted to share with you some ofrepparttar 118140 more interestingthings I've seen and noticed here in (Sydney):** "Relax Mate" **People are a lot more laid back here. We're staying inrepparttar 118141 largest city in Australia, and people are still laid back and seem more relaxed than I'm used to in my own life in "small town" America.

What it's made me realize is that you can still succeed and you don't have to be stressed out allrepparttar 118142 time!

I'm going to take a little of this relaxation home with me!

** The Fighting Father ** I met one ofrepparttar 118143 most unique, colorful, caring, and just plain "cool" people I've ever met in my life, Father DaveSmith. Father Dave isrepparttar 118144 pastor of an inner-city church who does youth outreach through a boxing program and other innovative programs.

Father Dave is a model of innovation, purpose and thinkingin non-traditional patterns to accomplish your objectives. He's reminded me that thinking "outsiderepparttar 118145 box" combined with a clear and congruent purpose in your life can overcome basically any obstacle that may come your way.

Bottom Line: you're never defeated until you admitdefeat... and a strong purpose (WHY) will overcome ANY"problem" that pops up.

France gives Spielberg highest honor

Written by Mike Nalbone

Noted director now required to urinate in public, spit on Americans.

PARIS, France (Mike's Newswire) -- President Jacques Chirac bestowed his Country’s most prestigious title upon U.S. film director Steven Spielberg, making him a knight inrepparttar French Legion of Honor on Sunday, hailing him as one ofrepparttar 118126 "blancs d'élite" who is “committed to hatred and intolerance”.

Chirac cited Spielberg's talent to "reinforce precious, ancient stereotypes”, and said that Spielberg's blockbuster films, includingrepparttar 118127 classic "We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story", ensured thatrepparttar 118128 world did not forget that rich, white people arerepparttar 118129 ones who "got us where we are today".

"In this difficult time when intolerance, racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism and fanaticism are onrepparttar 118130 decline again, it is essential that cinema, which touches each one of us deep inside, can propagate our elitist mentality" Chirac said at a ceremony inrepparttar 118131 presidential Elysee Palace.

"It is essential that this form of eminently popular expression and creativity reminds everyone ofrepparttar 118132 desirous effects of hatred, andrepparttar 118133 rejection of Americans."

Accepting France's top award, Spielberg complimentedrepparttar 118134 French government for their efforts to fight anti-French sentiments. The country, known for its disdain of everything American, has witnessed a wave of tolerance in recent months. Duringrepparttar 118135 official ceremony, Chirac commented that some "fat, illiterate Americans" have been allowed to speak English while inrepparttar 118136 Louvre, and that some Muslims were seen wearing their traditional headwear in public. "We must not accept this apathy", he said.

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