Why Is Teamwork Training Important?

Written by CMOE Development Team

“When teamwork kicks in, nobody can beat you.”

  • Don Shula, Head Coach, Miami Dolphins
  • Only NFL team to attain a perfect 17-0 season

Whether it’s two people, a department, or an organization, teams arerepparttar means by which great things get done. Unfortunately, not all work groups exhibit teamwork. So, how can our groups develop that sense of community and cohesiveness, or what was Don Shula’s secret? When and how does teamwork kick in? The key is effective teamwork training.

Our research and experience point to a need for managers to be both willing and able to build and maintain high performing teams. One key to regaining our competitiveness will be how successful managers are in creatingrepparttar 143014 climate for teamwork to grow and develop.

We believe it doesn’t just happen by accident. Teams work at building spirit and commitment. They talk about how they are doing. They are willing to invest time and money to protect and enhancerepparttar 143015 basic team fabric and integrity. In a team, people care about each other and are concerned about how their actions and attitudes affect each other.

Managers report that they spend from fifty to ninety percent of their efforts on managing individuals. Yes, most managers have little or no knowledge of group dynamics. With CMOE’s teamwork training programs, you will discoverrepparttar 143016 inner dimensions and facets of how groups become teams and how group dynamics can be managed. Observing groups at work adds clarity torepparttar 143017 very subtle and often subliminal concept of teamwork. It is not magic and there is no secret; it can be explained and put into practice by any manager.

Listening: A Crucial Job Search Skill

Written by Scott Brown

It’s important that job seekers possess basic interpersonal skills, but some are more valuable than others. The United States Department of Labor Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) has identified five proficiencies and three foundation skills that are crucial for job seekers. Listening skills were among those onrepparttar foundation list. Having good listening skills are essential for landingrepparttar 142915 job you want.

How you can improve

We should understand first that there is a difference between hearing and listening. Hearing is a physical ability, but listening is a skill that must be learned. To help improve your listening skills right away, try out some of these tactics:

*When someone is speaking to you, lean in towards them slightly. This will not only allow you to hear better, but it also shows them that you’re interested in what they have to say. *Sit or stand as still as possible as this will help you focus solely onrepparttar 142916 person in front of you. *Use non-verbal body language to communicate that you’re paying attention. For example, maintain comfortable eye contact and nod when appropriate. *After someone has communicated important information, paraphrase or summarize what they have said in your own words. This helps you solidify your own understanding and demonstrates your understanding to them. Plus it gives them an opportunity to correct you if you misunderstood anything important.

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