Why Is Directory Submission So Important?

Written by Wil Rushmer

Submitting your site to a directory means it "usually" is reviewed by a human for relevance and quality then categorized based onrepparttar sites content. One ofrepparttar 144186 benefits from a users point of view is that because of this human intervention, they will almost certainly receive relevant listings to there search query. Your benefit as a Webmaster is forrepparttar 144187 same reason, when someone clicks through from a directory to your site you can be certain (if categorized properly inrepparttar 144188 database) that your site contains information that person is looking for.

A few directories to look for submission include:

Yahoo! - Yahoo! charges a fee of $299 for commercial sites to beginrepparttar 144189 evaluation process. This in no way guarantees that your site would be listed in their directory. Yahoo! Directories can be an important source of qualified traffic if listed properly as they do hold one ofrepparttar 144190 most popular directories you could ever be listed in.

Open Directory Project - Another extremely popular directory. There is no fee to submit your site to dmoz however it can take several months to get listed. Make sure you review their policies on submitting before attempting to submit. Dmoz editors are very thorough and go through thousands of submissions on a monthly basis. Getting listed inrepparttar 144191 Open Directory Project will certainly get you listed in Google.

Designing Your Web Site to Maximize Traffic

Written by Brendon Turner

Designing Your Web Site to Maximize Traffic

Designing your site to maximize traffic fromrepparttar search engines is not a difficult task but it does require you to think ahead and plan your SEO strategy carefully. If you have not yet built your web site and are still inrepparttar 144185 initial planning stages then you may have an easier time of it. If you already have an existing web site, then you may need to takerepparttar 144186 time to read up on these SEO strategies and make some changes to incorporate them into your web site.

I will discuss 13 ways in which you can improve on your existing web site or boost a brand new web site intorepparttar 144187 stratosphere of high rankings. These are NOT SEO tricks but rather tried, tested, ethical and true methods that we know to work effectively. We all know that in reality there are no real SEO tricks. True success is achieved through hard work, research and implementation of a thorough and complete SEO strategy.

Without further ado here is a checklist of important items to consider and implement into your SEO strategy.

Using Javascript or Other Unspiderable Code

If you intend to use Javascript on your web page it is best to use it sparingly or not at all. Search engine spiders cannot read Javascript and it is possible that along with ignoring it when they come across it on your page, they may also get hung up on it if you are using a lot of it. If you really need to use Javascript you can safely use it by puttingrepparttar 144188 code into a separate JS file and calling it with a single line of code which you place between your <head> and </head> tags within your web page. The code used to include your JS file looks like this:

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"


Using Style Guidelines Effectively

If you are using CSS style commands, do not include them within your actual web page source code. You don't want search engine spiders to have to wade through 100 lines of unreadable code before they reach your actual content. Instead, place your style guidelines into a separate CSS file and call them with a single line of code from within your <head> and </head> tags by usingrepparttar 144189 following code:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="replace-with-style-file-name.css">

Primary Keyword Layout

Examine your web site from a source code point of view and ensure that your primary keywords or phrases will be spidered first. When search engine spiders read your page they readrepparttar 144190 source code just like we would read a book from left to right - top to bottom. We know that search engines place higher relevancy on keywords and phrases which appear closer torepparttar 144191 top of a page so it stands to reason that if you've got a large table full of graphics appearing atrepparttar 144192 top of your source code before your primary keywords, then you can achieve higher rankings by adjusting your layout and placing a well written search engine optimized paragraph above that table full of graphics.

Spiderable Text Present on Each Page

Many times I have seen some very pretty web sites, but their chances of ranking high for any relevant keywords have been dashed byrepparttar 144193 use of only graphics and very little or no text onrepparttar 144194 pages. It is very important to your SEO strategy that you make sure that you've takenrepparttar 144195 time to write some quality textual content for your pages. Don't write nonsensical text filled with blatant sp@m. Instead, take a few extra minutes and write 4-5 quality paragraphs which clearly explainrepparttar 144196 theme of your site andrepparttar 144197 particular page you’re writing for.

Proper Use of robots.txt File

On several occasions I have performed an analysis of a client's web site only to discover that they had inadvertently blocked spider access to their web site by incorrectly formatting their robots.txt file. It is critical that you know what you're doing when you use a robots.txt file. If you are unsure ofrepparttar 144198 correct syntax when modifying or creating a robots.txt file, I recommend you not use a robots.txt file at all. This may sound counterproductive, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Accidentally blockingrepparttar 144199 spiders can result in a loss of all your rankings. It would almost be like starting over again to repairrepparttar 144200 damage. For help on correctly formatting your robots.txt file, visit robotstxt.org.

Dead Links and 404 Errors

If you are not checking for broken links on your web site, then you should start immediately and make this a part of your SEO strategy. You can never be 100% sure of your link integrity, especially when your site has 100, or more, pages. Aside from losing potential customers into a vortex of 404 errors, you risk more than that from a search engine perspective. When a search engine spider visits your web site and finds broken links,repparttar 144201 impression left is that your site is not regularly maintained and updated. Not much is known about howrepparttar 144202 engines view this, but your crawl status may be assigned a low priority by visiting search engine spiders. In other words,repparttar 144203 spiders may not visit your site as frequently as they visit sites with 100% link integrity. So make sure you download some link checking software and begin a regular schedule of verifying your link structure.

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