Why Is Directory Linkage Important?

Written by Rich Brunelle

Why Is Directory Linkage Important? By: Rich Brunelle

When you look at Site Statistics for your web site, what do you see? Do you see only a Hit and Pages Viewed count? Or, do you see Incoming Linkage, Visiting Robots, and allrepparttar other goodies Stats Reports reveal?

Myself, I could give a rats behind what my ranking is on certain Search Engines, as long as I see that they consistently are spidering my sites. Sooner or laterrepparttar 105838 world is going to revolt against search engines dictating how web sites are constructed, and realizerepparttar 105839 expense created by trying to satisfyrepparttar 105840 search engines is more than most small, medium, and some large business care to continue to pay. Face it, paying for SEO, Adwords, Optimize this and Optimize that while keeping many of us gainfully employed, is also quite expensive.

Regardless ofrepparttar 105841 aforementioned,repparttar 105842 “Ever Efficient WebMaster” continues to struggle againstrepparttar 105843 tide, hoping for those fifteen minutes of “top ten” search engine rankings. And atrepparttar 105844 same time, “Mister Lazy Internet User” has lost out on another good deal because he was too lazy to recognizerepparttar 105845 “Top Rankings” haven’t a damn thing to do with Quality, Service, or Satisfaction.

How To Conceal Your Website's "Fingerprint" From The Search Engines

Written by Satyajeet Hattangadi

The internet marketing industry is now flooded with various page and portal generators.

Inrepparttar good old daysrepparttar 105837 gateway page generators did very well, earning a lot of money for many people.

Thenrepparttar 105838 search engines began to crack down on robot-generated pages, a trend which has led torepparttar 105839 demise of such tools.

But how is it thatrepparttar 105840 search engines are able to track down these sites so fast?

Well, its not rocket science. Believe me, even you could track down a site within minutes if you knew how to find its fingerprint.

A fingerprint for a site is usually a piece of text or a paragraph or at times a particular CSS style thatrepparttar 105841 software repeats for allrepparttar 105842 sites it generates.

In fact that's why I always advise customers of my portal generation software Niche Portal Builder (http://www.novasoft-inc.net) to modifyrepparttar 105843 default templates.

If you use such software withrepparttar 105844 default templates provided and don't modifyrepparttar 105845 HTML, you can be sure that hundreds of others are doingrepparttar 105846 same thing.

All it takes is one jealous competitor to complain to Google. And, Bam.. your site gets banned.

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