Why Intern

Written by Sheena Salmon

Why Intern?

The job market is tight andrepparttar fact is we all need to get-in where we can fit-in. Graduates are scrambling to find a job but that is not going to be easy. Employers are expecting more from graduates than they did a couple years ago. One thing that has not changed isrepparttar 109382 employer's desire for experience. One way to get experience is through internships. Internships can be an advantage to you in many ways.

First, an internship will give yourepparttar 109383 experience that so many employers are looking for. Noooo..., you will not get an executives position, but you will be better qualified than some of your fellow recent graduates. You may get real world experience in areas that you are not learning in school. It may be with software that your classes don't cover or methods of solving problems that you didn't previously learn. You actually might get to find out why you need torepparttar 109384 Pythagorean Theorem or maybe not. But you do getrepparttar 109385 experience.

Secondly, an internship isrepparttar 109386 way for you to network and networking is important. Networking allows you to rub shoulders with people that do what you want to do and know those that do what you want to do. Many jobs are often obtained inrepparttar 109387 hidden job market, jobs that are not publicly advertised. Who gets these hidden jobs? Somebody who knows somebody.

How To Run A Successful Fundraiser

Written by Keith & Rema Smith

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This isrepparttar 109381 Fundraising Connection newsletter which begins withrepparttar 109382 Free Special Report: How To Run A Successful Fundraiser.

---------------------------------------------------------- How To Run A Successful Fundraiser by: Keith & Rema Smith

A step-by-step fundraising guide ----------------------------------------------------------- (This isrepparttar 109383 first article of a multi-part series on this topic)

Part One of this SPECIAL REPORT is about:

Organizing Your Group

Would you agree that it's easier complete a job when you have a blueprint to follow? Yes?

Also,repparttar 109384 exact opposite maybe true which brings us to repparttar 109385 old axiom:

"Fail to plan, plan to fail"

Usually most groups avoid planning because they view it as difficult or tedious or may be in a rush to get going. Don't let this happen!! What appears to be unpleasant far exceeds repparttar 109386 dismal results you will have without a plan.

Fortunately,repparttar 109387 exact opposite is true when you haverepparttar 109388 necessary tools at your disposal.

That is why this report was written. To give you an idea of how easy it is to plan your fundraiser and to stay focused on your goals.

Shall we begin?

*First of all, I cannot stress this point enough: You need to know why you want to fundraise. You do this by answering fhe following questions:

1)Why do you need to raise money?

Answerrepparttar 109389 above question and you will haverepparttar 109390 source of your group's motivation andrepparttar 109391 community's effort to help you acquirerepparttar 109392 funds you need.

2)What will you do withrepparttar 109393 money you raise?

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