Why I Don't Speak In Tongues - Part I

Written by Stephen Kingery

The Pentecostal or Charismatic movement has as one of it central beliefs, that men and women speak in tongues today as they did inrepparttar New Testament. This "speaking in tongues" is a supposed manifestation ofrepparttar 141341 Holy Spirit inrepparttar 141342 individual's life. As some of my charismatic friends tell me, it is evidence (or proof) thatrepparttar 141343 individual has been baptized withrepparttar 141344 Holy Spirit. It is a supposed gift ofrepparttar 141345 Spirit. The conclusion is, then, thatrepparttar 141346 one who "speaks in tongues" is a true Christian, and all others are suspect!

Doesrepparttar 141347 Bible really teach this? Let's take a thorough look at this subject to see whatrepparttar 141348 Bible actually teaches onrepparttar 141349 subject of speaking in tongues.

(Forrepparttar 141350 purposes of this article, when it is given as - speaking in tongues -, I am referring torepparttar 141351 Biblical meaning; and - "speaking in tongues" -I am referring torepparttar 141352 Pentecostal/Charismatic meaning.)

I think that it is unfortunate that whenrepparttar 141353 Bible was originally translated into English thatrepparttar 141354 Greek word which really means "languages" was translated "tongues." However, we who live today have enough information available to us to determinerepparttar 141355 difference. No serious Bible scholar would deny that this word really means languages. The apostles were givenrepparttar 141356 ability to speak in unknown (unknown to them) languages. This ability was given to them for specific purposes. Let's examinerepparttar 141357 purposes forrepparttar 141358 apostles to be able to speak in tongues.

God gaverepparttar 141359 apostlesrepparttar 141360 ability to speak in tongues forrepparttar 141361 following purposes:

Signs - as credentials from God, "A man approved of God." Wonders -repparttar 141362 effect onrepparttar 141363 witnesses, "They were amazed." Powerful miracles -repparttar 141364 energy manifested, "He healed them." Gifts ofrepparttar 141365 Spirit - The source ofrepparttar 141366 energy. They establishedrepparttar 141367 authority ofrepparttar 141368 sign worker. Speaking in tongues, as well asrepparttar 141369 other gifts - healing etc., were given so thatrepparttar 141370 people being taught about Christ would know thatrepparttar 141371 men spoke with authority. Think for a moment how much we today are caught up inrepparttar 141372 recognition of authority. When someone does something that we do not think they should be doing, our common reaction is, "Who gave yourepparttar 141373 authority to do that?" If someone was to come to your home today and start teaching you a different doctrine (or gospel), you may ask, "By what authority do you teach these things?" In other words, who sent you, and why should I listen to you? The same is true back inrepparttar 141374 New Testament days. People were naturally skeptical. There were many people professing to berepparttar 141375 Christ at that time. God wantedrepparttar 141376 people to know, beyond a doubt, that these men spoke with authority - His authority! "Trulyrepparttar 141377 signs of an apostle were accomplished among you with all perseverance, in signs and wonders and mighty deeds." (2 Corinthians 12:12)

It confirmedrepparttar 141378 Word ofrepparttar 141379 Lord. Not only did these gifts prove thatrepparttar 141380 apostles spoke with authority, but they confirmed that Jesus was speakingrepparttar 141381 truth. Becauserepparttar 141382 apostles (withrepparttar 141383 exception of Paul) had been with Jesus during His earthly ministry, and were taught by Him, they (the apostles) taught othersrepparttar 141384 truths that Jesus had taught to them. These truths then, were confirmed to be such byrepparttar 141385 miracles - including speaking in tongues - thatrepparttar 141386 apostles performed. "How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation, which atrepparttar 141387 first began to be spoken byrepparttar 141388 Lord, and was confirmed to us by those who heard Him, God also bearing witness both with signs and wonders, with various miracles, and gifts ofrepparttar 141389 Holy Spirit, according to His own will?" (Hebrews 2:3,4)

Thus we see that these signs, wonders, and miracles were forrepparttar 141390 expressed purpose of showing by what authority -repparttar 141391 authority of God -the apostles spoke; and to confirm thatrepparttar 141392 teachings of Christ - throughrepparttar 141393 apostles - were trulyrepparttar 141394 Word of God.

The authority ofrepparttar 141395 apostles being established, andrepparttar 141396 Word of God being confirmed,repparttar 141397 New Testament writers have given us a written record of these events and teachings. This written record has been preserved by God and passed down from generation to generation so that we may have it today. Therefore, is it necessary for God to confirm againrepparttar 141398 authenticity of His word? Is it impossible for us who are living today to accept by faith thatrepparttar 141399 Bible isrepparttar 141400 Word of God? Is anyone who "speaks in tongues" today denying thatrepparttar 141401 Bible isrepparttar 141402 Word of God? If not, then why must they feel compelled to confirm it again to us?

Let's look atrepparttar 141403 sign of tongues specifically to see how it confirmedrepparttar 141404 Word of God.

"And they went out and preached everywhere,repparttar 141405 Lord working with them and confirmingrepparttar 141406 word throughrepparttar 141407 accompanying signs." (Mark 16:20) This passage isrepparttar 141408 last verse ofrepparttar 141409 book of Mark, and is really a summation of whatrepparttar 141410 apostles did after Jesus ascended into heaven. It plainly - and truthfully - states thatrepparttar 141411 signs performed byrepparttar 141412 apostles confirmedrepparttar 141413 Word of God.

"And they were all filled withrepparttar 141414 Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, asrepparttar 141415 Spirit gave them utterance." (Acts 2:4) "And when this sound occurred,repparttar 141416 multitude came together, and were confused, because everyone heard them speak in his own language." (Acts 2:6) "And how is it that we hear, each in our own language in which we were born." (Acts 2:8) "... we hear them speaking in our own tonguesrepparttar 141417 wonderful words of God." (Acts 2:11) (To save space we have selected just these passages. Please read Acts 2:1-13) This ability - to speak in languages unknown torepparttar 141418 speaker - was fulfillment ofrepparttar 141419 promise which was made in Acts 1:8: "But you shall receive power whenrepparttar 141420 Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and torepparttar 141421 end ofrepparttar 141422 earth." In other words, in Acts 1:8 Jesus promisedrepparttar 141423 apostles that they would receive power to witness of and for Him in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and torepparttar 141424 end ofrepparttar 141425 earth. This power is given to them in Acts 2 inrepparttar 141426 form of being able to speak in languages and dialects that they -repparttar 141427 apostles - had never been trained or schooled in.

One Conservative's View Of A Maximum Security System

Written by Hoyt W. Allen, Jr.

Adequate scripture supports "Imprisoning" of those choosing to "go around"repparttar laws of mankind (Gen. 40:3; 42:7; Lev. 24:12; Num. 15:34; I Kings 22:27; Judges 16:21- 25; Luke 3:30; Acts 12:4-10). In other words, if one selects to live in a society - then there are rules, regulations, laws, statues, ordinances, mandates, codes, canons, principles, and authority that must be adhered to. Now - anyone who has all of his/her mental faculties normally learns this early in life. However, since each of us has been created with a God-given free will, we can choose if we want to abide byrepparttar 141340 rules, or go against them.

In athletic contests (baseball, football, basketball, racing, etc.), one must abide byrepparttar 141341 rules or else they forfeitrepparttar 141342 contest. Inrepparttar 141343 classroom, if one wills to obtain a "Passing Grade," there is a certain achievement to obtain. Inrepparttar 141344 world of employment, if one does not produce, then another is waiting in line forrepparttar 141345 opportunity to giverepparttar 141346 job a try.

Throughoutrepparttar 141347 years "Liberals," such asrepparttar 141348 American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and others have constantly been brain washing our legislatures into granting more rights forrepparttar 141349 criminal and less forrepparttar 141350 victims. This has also been carried into our Penitentiary Systems. Today many ofrepparttar 141351 conservatives across our land are very upset withrepparttar 141352 wayrepparttar 141353 criminals who have been removed from society have demanded various rights from withinrepparttar 141354 prison walls - and have received such (at tax payers expense). We no longer see "Chain Gangs" alongrepparttar 141355 roads, as they are busy "Recreating" insiderepparttar 141356 prisons, along with their colored TV's, and air-conditioning.

May we understand thatrepparttar 141357 individual who has committed violent crimes against fellow human beings (murder, kidnapping, rape, child molestation, armed robbery, brutality, . . .) have committed crimes that call for their being removed from society. The Bible teaches that a person who commits a "Capital Crime" (rape, murder, . . .) should be executed quickly (Gen. 9:5,6; Eccl. 8:11). However, due torepparttar 141358 Liberals taking over our Judicial System "Capital Punishment" has been shelved. However, in some states - "Capital Punishment" is being restored. Thus, today we find inmates making demands upon prison administrators. They want:

a) Better food b) Higher pay c) Lower prices on commissary items d) Special clothing for their religious ceremonies e) To fire and hire new wardens f) More ethnic group guards g) More recreational facilities h) Visits from females for sexual pleasure

If I was going to revamprepparttar 141359 "Maximum Security System" today, it would probably look likerepparttar 141360 following:

A. Grounds and Buildings

(1) The land would be in a very remote area, with plenty of acres to grow on and to protectrepparttar 141361 public. Inmates would arrive blindfolded so they would not even know which way to escape if they did.

(2) The total prison area would have ten-foot high fences which would be high voltage charged. There would be two rows of these fences. It would also have razor sharp wire on top and in between these, to stop an escape if one was able to climb over it.

(3) Under ground beneathrepparttar 141362 fences would be electronic movement detectors, so if an inmate was seeking to tunnel out an alarm would sound. Also - underneathrepparttar 141363 fences would be quarter-inch steel with rustproof coating, protruding at least ten feet deep intorepparttar 141364 earth.

(4) Outside ofrepparttar 141365 fences surroundingrepparttar 141366 prison would be guards stationed in small bullet-proof watchtowers. They would be equipped with at least two machine guns and several thousand rounds of live ammunition. The guards would have access to radio communications to other prison personnel, high powered lights, escape alarms, video monitors, etc.

(5) Housing forrepparttar 141367 inmates would be: a) built byrepparttar 141368 inmates out of rough lumber, along with "Privies," since there would not be plumbing; b) a hand-powered water pump would be provided for drawing water with which to cook and bathe (the inmates would do their own cooking and laundry under guard supervision); c) there would be limited lighting, and no receptacles to operate radios, TV's, or any appliances (This is a prison andrepparttar 141369 inmates are to be punished for committing crimes. They have given up their rights when they brokerepparttar 141370 laws.); and d) there would not be any air-conditioning, except what breezes are blowing. The heating system would be provided byrepparttar 141371 inmates, via either burning of coal or wood. If they select to burn down their housing - it will probably take a lengthy period of time to obtain more rough lumber for them to build, and at their expense.

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