Why I Don't Invest In The Stock Market!

Written by John Colanzi

I'm tired of hearing everyone fromrepparttar President on down telling me to invest inrepparttar 102083 stock market.

If you want to help build America, invest in your business. This country was built by small business men and women.

I don't invest inrepparttar 102084 stock market because it's out of my control. I don't determine howrepparttar 102085 company is run or where their profits are placed.

On top of all that,repparttar 102086 returns are really peanuts compared to what you can earn from a well run business. Whenrepparttar 102087 market dropped they said investors shouldn't worry they should have their money back in 5 years.

Guess what?

If I invest in a good program, I usually make back my investment plus within 5 minutes. Canrepparttar 102088 stock market do that?

I've invested in programs for $10 or $20 and made back 10 times that within 24 hours. I couldn't even coverrepparttar 102089 brokerage fees forrepparttar 102090 cost of starting a business online.

Who Are You Going to Call?

Written by Jennifer Stewart

Let me ask you a question ... if you had a pain in your side,

would you let your neighbour whip out your appendix?

Of course you wouldn’t and it wouldn’t matter how many

episodes of E.R. he’d seen!

You’d go to a doctor - an expert in his field. It makes you

wonder why so many people approach friends, relatives and

colleagues for advice about specialist problems, when these

people have no more qualifications than our telly-watching


Every hour of every day there are problems and questions

you need answered, whatever you’re doing and whatever

your own experience and qualifications.

Here’s a little quiz for you - see if your answers match those

ofrepparttar experts.

Do you knowrepparttar 102082 best way to keep tax records of your

car expenses?

According to Sandy Botkin, Attorney and Certified Public

Accountant, Chief Executive Officer and Principal Lecturer

ofrepparttar 102083 Tax Reduction Institute based inrepparttar 102084 Washington, DC

area, there are five methods you can use to keep records

that have varying degrees of success in trying to bullet-proof

your car fromrepparttar 102085 tax man:

1. you keep track of your mileage daily from stop to

stop, recording whether it is business or personal

2.repparttar 102086 Ninety Day Log: here you would do exactly as you

did under method one but for only ninety consecutive days

3.repparttar 102087 One Week A Month Method

4. only keep track of personal and commuting mileage -repparttar 102088

difference is business

5.repparttar 102089 desperation approach.

What common vegetable can help you lose weight,

keep your blood sugar levels stable, cure dysentery,

prevent colon and prostate cancer and lower bad


James F Balch, MD, graduate ofrepparttar 102090 School of Medicine at

Indiana University, explainsrepparttar 102091 benefits of garlic, "Garlic

contains germanium and selenium, which are

sulfur-containing antioxidants that boostrepparttar 102092 immune system.

In a study, conducted by Dr. Tariq Abdullah, Kyolic (garlic)

killed 20 percent more ofrepparttar 102093 tumor cells in laboratory

cultures than did raw garlic. And raw garlic is by itself one of

the most potent boosters of your natural killer cells."

And you thought it was only good with prawns!

Why aren’t you as successful as you should be?

Gary Ryan Blair, The GoalsGuy, is one ofrepparttar 102094 top strategic

thinkers inrepparttar 102095 world and founder of GoalsGuy Learning

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