Why Hitting a Small Ball Leads to Big Results in Baseball!

Written by Coach John Peter

Why Hitting A Small Ball Leads to Big Results

In all of sports hitting a round ball with a rounded bat is said to be toughest thing to do. It might be true, it might not, but I can tell you thatrepparttar difference in Major League Baseball between $2 million per year and pumping gas at a Texaco station could be as little as 30 more hits a year. So, it sure is not easy!

Think about that for a second… 500 at bats and 150 hits, and you are hitting .300. 500 at bats and 120 hits, and you are hitting .240 and maybe out of baseball!

So what’s my point? THE GAME ELIMINATES US ALL (seerepparttar 150873 related article of this same title). Some way, some how and some day we are all out ofrepparttar 150874 game. Sometimes it’s injury, but more frequently, it’s on-field performance. And hitting isrepparttar 150875 one skill that will keep a position player inrepparttar 150876 game longest! Whether it is breaking intorepparttar 150877 starting line-up,repparttar 150878 clean-up spot, a travel or High School team, or even a Major League roster, hitters have a way of staying inrepparttar 150879 game longest! (Remember, there still is a DH for poor-fielding wall-bangers in Big League ball).

Focus Plus Quality Repetitions Equals Success Can you find ways to make better, solid and more frequent contact withrepparttar 150880 talent you now possess? You bet you can. It’s easier than you think and can be done right in your backyard! Hit a small ball…first with a bat, then with a smaller bat, then do it again and again. It’s a simple idea. I hope most readers will agree that this makes sense. … But lets dig deeper into how and why this works.

I will tell you that it is a baseball truth that if you learnrepparttar 150881 proper swing mechanics and then simply do it again and again… You become better…period!

Here’s Why It Works 1st - Players of all ages can do this though we will be making some adjustments based on age and skill level. 2nd – Hitting requires timing and balance. This is achieved through repetition of proper swing mechanics done again and again. 3rd – Focus heightens when a player is challenged – a smaller ball perhaps struck with a smaller bat will create an even greater amount of focus. Do this again and again…you will see results almost immediately! 4th – Hitting is fun!

Here’s How It Works Your local K Mart or Wal Mart sells golfball sized whiffle balls byrepparttar 150882 dozen. They also sell broom handles. Getrepparttar 150883 picture? It stands to reason that if a player can hit a small ball, he certainly can hit a regulation-sized baseball. The same is true with a smaller bat. Start with 2-3 dozen balls and a bat. Throw from 15 to 20 feet depending onrepparttar 150884 hitter’s age and skill level. Even if he struggles inrepparttar 150885 beginning, watch what happens when he starts connecting. The eyes narrow,repparttar 150886 “this is no fun” attitude disappears. In short order, he’s taken 50 – 150 swings! This is where progress begins to happen.

Note - If you do this three times or more duringrepparttar 150887 first week especiallyrepparttar 150888 day of orrepparttar 150889 day before a game, you have just raisedrepparttar 150890 hitter’s timing and confidence levels tremendously! But if you do it one time only, you or your player may not be motivated enough at this time inrepparttar 150891 player’s development to become a more skilled player or coach. I say this simply because this exercise requires less effort and time than most skill-building exercises that I could possibly invent or teach!

Real Baseball Players Hit With Wood

Written by Coach John Peter

Real Players Hit With Wood

Let me say this up front… I do not like aluminum bats . . . but I’ll win with them. Practice with wood . . . and you’ll win with aluminum.

It’s really very simple. An aluminum bat swing can be mechanically flawed but still get results. Inflated averages & power numbers abound with huge aluminum sweet spots & tricked-out metal alloys!

But eventually bigger fields and better pitching eliminates many aluminum bat hitters well before High School . . . and it doesn’t have to be!

Allow me to explain . . . Much ofrepparttar physical side ofrepparttar 150872 game is about: BATSPEED HANDSPEED FOOTSPEED

Much of hitting is about: TIMING & BALANCE (Strength helps too)

Wood Bats feel head-heavy, with much smaller sweet spots so any imperfections in a swing are magnified. (Are you gettingrepparttar 150873 picture?)

Training with wood forcesrepparttar 150874 player to become mechanically precise & builds bat speed and strength. Additionally, wood trains hitters to really learnrepparttar 150875 strike zone and not swing at bad pitches (ever hit one offrepparttar 150876 end orrepparttar 150877 handle? . . . it hurts… and many times it breaks!)

To successfully swing with wood…

Triggerrepparttar 150878 hands earlier intorepparttar 150879 load position Keep your hands insiderepparttar 150880 ball (meaning hands closer torepparttar 150881 body throughoutrepparttar 150882 swing to make for a quick rotation torepparttar 150883 ball) Stick with it until your muscle memory acclimates to this new weapon. #1 Defined Dead Hands Kill Players! The first thing a hitter must do is take awayrepparttar 150884 pitcher's fastball. In general, that is a pitcher's best pitch. From Clemens, Johnson, Martinez & Maddux, torepparttar 150885 baddest pitcher in your league. Spotrepparttar 150886 fastball and you are a real pitcher. Ok, hitter what are you going to do about it? You’re going to crush it… that’s what!

Hands Start The Swing! Start your swing with your hands (it’s your timing mechanism). . . and you can time a jet or a fastball! Call it a trigger, load or hitch, it’s allrepparttar 150887 same. Just get some movement from your hands starting whenrepparttar 150888 pitcher separates his hands from his glove with a movement towardrepparttar 150889 back shoulder.

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