Why Has A Work At Home Paradigm Shift Occurred?

Written by Dean Shainin

Copyright 2005 Dean Shainin

Now, more than ever, we are seeing a new revolution of people starting their own work at home Internet business.

Why are so many people leaving full time jobs, (just over broke) and starting a work at home Internet business?

Just take a look atrepparttar news. With down-sizing and corporate lay-offs, people realize they do not have a secure job when they see a co-worker of 25 years shaking their hand good-bye.

Another reason, is high speed Internet access and marketing tools that were not available just 5 years ago. To start your own work at home Internet business, you would have to spend a fortune.

Now we have email, autoresponders, search engines, websites, affiliate programs, marketing experts, all of which are now free and instantly available.

Think about this for a moment. Five years ago, starting a work at home Internet business would cost at least a few thousand dollars. Now you can start a home business onrepparttar 149260 Internet for under one hundred dollars.

A (brick and mortar) or traditional business that I owned inrepparttar 149261 year 2000 cost thousands per month for rent, employees, insurance and inventory.

Another factor is job dissatisfaction. Part of this paradigm shift is that people want to own their own life. They don't likerepparttar 149262 idea of being just another number forrepparttar 149263 bottom line of a big corporation or company.

Here isrepparttar 149264 BIG one. The Information Age. Instant access to anything you want within seconds using search engines. No more waiting days or weeks for information on starting a work at home Internet business. Within seconds you can find anything. Yes, anything!

How to get the best shopping deals over the Internet?

Written by Charles Norton

How to getrepparttar best shopping deals overrepparttar 149259 Internet?

Online shopping has taken overrepparttar 149260 Internet by storm where convenience and simplicity has replaced, or at least complimented, more conventional shopping in specialty stores or malls. Althoughrepparttar 149261 shopping experience has always been fun and a stress reliever for many, online shopping has become so muchrepparttar 149262 norm that it is actually possible to get products at different prices through different websites. In fact, expert online shoppers will also be able to tell you how and which sites you should visit get great bargains.

Price comparison websites

Overrepparttar 149263 Internet, shoppers can visit portals like Shopzilla.com, PriceGrabber.com, Froogle.com and Bizrate.com to conduct price comparisons. These sites compile price information from other websites that are sellingrepparttar 149264 items that you are looking for. Therefore, instead of visiting a range of websites to compare prices on your own, you can do this in just one virtual location!

Online Coupons

Itís amazing that many deals that can be found through conventional shopping methods, have a similar virtual version as well. If you are inrepparttar 149265 habit of cutting up discount coupons, you can dorepparttar 149266 same when you do your shopping online. Sites like 247malls.com and MonkeyBargains.com feature special coupons from hundreds of online stores in which you can run a search by store or by a specific product.

Visit store websites first

Makerepparttar 149267 Internet your first point of reference before you visit actual brick and mortar establishments. Most large stores have their own shopping websites which may offer a similar product at a lower price when purchased online. This may be possible through online only discounts or no sales tax charged. Additionally, you can opt for in-store pickups and gain free shipping on top of your special price. This way, you donít have to spend time visiting different physical stores comparing prices but getrepparttar 149268 best price out ofrepparttar 149269 internet.

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