Why Grow Organic?

Written by Frann Leach

You may feel that growing your own produce is difficult enough, without adding torepparttar problems by growing them organically. Well, you pays your money and you takes your choice, as they say, but for me, there are several reasons for goingrepparttar 113422 whole hog:

  • Firstly, you don't have to worry about handling all sorts of noxious chemicals, wearing special gear to use it, and all that
  • Secondly, in my opinion (your mileage may vary here), organically produced vegetables taste better
  • Thirdly, it's not really that much more work,repparttar 113423 methods are different, but no more difficult
  • Fourthly, organic vegetables are better for you
  • And finally, why go to all that effort to produce a substitute for cheap factory-produced food? Much better to go forrepparttar 113424 good stuff!

Eat more fruit and veg for health

The British Government is always telling us to eat more healthily. They say everybody should consume a minimum of five portions of fruit and vegetables every day.

But how many chemicals are there in that much conventionally farmed produce?

Organic fruit and veg may be hard to find at a decent price. And if you do find a supplier, oftenrepparttar 113425 organic produce that is on offer is not very attractive. It may be better for you but it looks horrible, not at all appetising.

So what'srepparttar 113426 solution?

A shock, and a realisation

Around about 1992, I had two young children, aged 2 and 4 years. I was trying to give them a healthy diet, and they loved carrots. Every day they would grab at least one carrot each fromrepparttar 113427 vegetable rack, sometimes more. I was pleased. "They're getting good fibre, vitamins, stuff for their eyesight, andrepparttar 113428 chewing is good for their teeth," I thought.


I was watchingrepparttar 113429 news one day, when a very strange item came on (like something out of a science fiction story, I thought atrepparttar 113430 time). The Government was issuing a Health Warning on... carrots!!! Apparently, because of a rise in some pest or other (I know now it was carrot fly), farmers had been using huge amounts of pesticide chemicals, so much so, thatrepparttar 113431 carrots produced contained dangerous amounts. The advice was to peel them before use.

Guide to Growing Tree Ferns

Written by David Howlett


Tree ferns have been around since prehistoric times whenrepparttar dinosaurs roamed repparttar 113421 earth. Originally popularised byrepparttar 113422 Victorians,repparttar 113423 tree fern has undergone something of a revival in recent years, helped no doubt by it frequent appearances in many ofrepparttar 113424 television garden makeover programmes.

Varieties of tree ferns to grow inrepparttar 113425 UK

Tree ferns can roughly be divided in hardy and non hardy when growing inrepparttar 113426 UK. It is likely there are up to a thousand species of tree fern, with most of them growing inrepparttar 113427 Southern Hemisphere andrepparttar 113428 tropics. Many of these are not a all cold hardy and it would be very difficult to grow them successfully outside inrepparttar 113429 UK. The two main cold hardy types for our climate are called: Cyathea and Dicksonia. The most commonly available of these are: Cyathea spinulosa, Cyathea australis, Cyathea dealbeta, Dicksonia Antarctica, Dicksonia fibrosa and Dicksonia squarrosa.

Different sizes of tree fern and where to buy them

Tree fern are available as plants that have been propagated from spores and complete trunks that have been harvested from rain forests or tropical areas ofrepparttar 113430 world, often as a by-product of other activities. You can usually buy them at garden centres or specialist nurseries. The trunks are often sold without fronds straight fromrepparttar 113431 container andrepparttar 113432 fronds will start to appear after a few weeks. Expect to pay more if you want to buy a tree fern with fronds.

Choosing a position for a tree fern

Tree ferns prefer to grow with some shade. They will adapt to a sunny position but will need very regular watering and may suffer from sunburn torepparttar 113433 fronds. So ideally you need to pick a spot inrepparttar 113434 garden with some shade during at least part ofrepparttar 113435 day. Ferns also like a moist surrounding and tree ferns really need watering every day duringrepparttar 113436 warmer months especially inside and downrepparttar 113437 trunk. They will grow equally happy in containers but again will prefer a shady spot.

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