Why Google and Yahoo will eventually lose.

Written by Ratliff J

For those of us inrepparttar Adwords and Overture business, we all know how Google and Yahoo have changed their practice of allowing pharmacy related advertising to any program not approved by squaretrade.

Apparently, they took some heat fromrepparttar 131582 US government, as well as some publishers onrepparttar 131583 issue. Here is why it not only is costing Google and Yahoo money, butrepparttar 131584 little guy lost big.

1. Squaretrade charges $200 + $50 a month for an approved seal that will allow you to sell prescription drugs via an affiliate link to an approved pharmacy.

2. Squaretrade does allow Canada pharmacies and affiliates to join, but they must have a disclaimer stating thatrepparttar 131585 FDA does not reccomend ordering drugs intorepparttar 131586 US from Canada.

3. The little guy now has two problems. The first is to find a pharmacy that is approved. The second is to payrepparttar 131587 outrageous fee.

4. Google still shows thousands of unlicensed websites in their search listings, so obviously it does not care that much.

Choosing the Right Keywords

Written by Geraldine Jensen

Choosing Keywords

One ofrepparttar most difficult parts of setting up a website, and marketing it, concerns determiningrepparttar 131580 best keywords to use. When choosing key words try to answer these questions. Dorepparttar 131581 keywords really best describe your site? (relevancy is a must for Goggle!). Do they tellrepparttar 131582 story aboutrepparttar 131583 products you are selling? Will they targetrepparttar 131584 right customers? If you have a site, which is in a very competitive market you may have to be creative when choosing keywords. For example, Google returns, 594,000,000 possible pages for a search done onrepparttar 131585 word, software-- Oh My- How would anyone find a site in that crowd!.

Websites most easily found by search engines are niche sites where there are fewer choices. However, it is hard to be niche site when one is selling popular products! Or is it?

Try using keywords in your meta tags and on you website which are more exact and create a niche. For example, if you are selling advertising, try California Website Advertising. I found help to expand my keyword list, niche it, at wordtracker.com and goodkeywords.com and by usingrepparttar 131586 Overture and Google Keyword Tools.

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