Why Friends Sabotage Your Diets

Written by Kathryn Martyn, M.NLP

Dealing withrepparttar Food Pushers, or How to Say No When You Don't Any

A friend's doctor said he should lose 10 pounds and so he is trying to break his sugar habit. He generally eats well duringrepparttar 131164 day but his downfall is cookies while watching TV. At an office luncheon when dessert was being served, he said, "No thanks, I don't want any." A well meaning co-worker then foisted dessert on him, shoving it in front of him and saying, "You're doctor is wrong, have some," leaving him staring atrepparttar 131165 dessert then back to us with a sorrowful look on his face.

Your Friend Is Trying to Make You Happy

His co-worker probably was not out to sabotage him, but more likely was rememberingrepparttar 131166 last time she said no when she really wanted to say yes. She wished someone would have maderepparttar 131167 decision for her, albeit against her wishes, and then she could have eatenrepparttar 131168 dessert because it wouldn't be polite to refuse (or some other excuse), so now she's doing himrepparttar 131169 favor. She is wrong, but that'srepparttar 131170 way people generally are. We all understandrepparttar 131171 pain of deprivation and want to make it better for each other.

Devise a Plan for Dealing with Sabotaging Food Pushers

First, if you do want some dessert, have some, enjoy it and move on with your life. It is not a big deal to have a dessert, even if you're already over full. It's one eating event out of thousands. But when you are being pushed into something you don't want it's no different than being offered drinks when you're underage; peer pressure doesn't stop because you graduate from high school.

You Don't Have to Explain: Just Say No

Drug Therapy or Bariatric Surgery for Weight Loss

Written by Sherri Z. Jones

A vast number of people are overweight. Many of these people are overweight for one simple reason: their lifestyle. A lack of exercise and a carefree diet arerepparttar main contributors to their obesity.

Ridding themselves ofrepparttar 131162 burdon of extra weight isn't completely easy. It is as much mental as it is physical. Changing your eating habits and getting into a routine of exercise will generally take care ofrepparttar 131163 extra weight in a reasonable amount of time.

For others, however, this is notrepparttar 131164 case. Some have genetic problems while others have emotional problems. This alone results in a vicious cycle of eating to feel better, gaining weight, feeling bad about it, and then eating to get rid of that bad feeling.

For those in this position there is an answer. After a concerted effort to lose weight by traditional means fails... there is drug therapy. Drug therapy isn'trepparttar 131165 answer by itself.

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