Why EVERYONE Should Want MLMs to RUN the World

Written by Joe Bingham

MLMs have received an unduly bad reputation. In some cases, people have abused a good idea for their own selfishness, and in many cases, dishonest practices have perpetuated that bad reputation. However, that wasrepparttar fault of individuals. The basic concepts behindrepparttar 122597 MLM method are not only sound, but brilliant. Done right, an MLM produces a broader base of wealth across more people, offers expert and personal involvement closer to consumers, and provides an easier platform for small businesses to grow and prosper. There is no get rich quick, no get rich without effort, and no overnight success. However, byrepparttar 122598 simple power of geometric progression, or network marketing, an MLM business can create wealth for multiple individuals. Marketers withinrepparttar 122599 network become bothrepparttar 122600 advertising and distribution base forrepparttar 122601 company. These are two areas that incur tremendous expense for traditional companies. In an MLM, however, instead of an expense torepparttar 122602 company,repparttar 122603 money becomes a wealth creation vehicle for people. Not to mention that repparttar 122604 company itself need not spend money directly on advertising, and only pays distribution expenses (commissions) after sales have been made. MLMs also create many experts and leaders who masterrepparttar 122605 art of both sponsorship and customer service. Fromrepparttar 122606 onset of joining an MLM, people must embark onrepparttar 122607 road to becoming a leader if they are to become successful. Followers and tag-alongs do not last because they do not reach any sort of income level that will makerepparttar 122608 business profitable for them. The very nature of an MLM creates leaders because advancement is not possible without developingrepparttar 122609 businesses of downline members. In this way, a leadership structure that supports all members expandsrepparttar 122610 company withoutrepparttar 122611 need for formal business training other than that which comes specifically from repparttar 122612 company, and is specifically related torepparttar 122613 company. More direct and personal service torepparttar 122614 consumer is possible as well. MLM salesmen are far more knowledgeable of their products thanrepparttar 122615

Don't Get Left on the 'Ground Floor'

Written by Joe Bingham

That REALLY makes sense when it comes to business. Say I join up on a 'once in a lifetime opportunity' and it only lasts for 3 months. Well, I plan on living a LOT longer than 3 months, so unlessrepparttar 'once in a lifetime opportunity' nets me about $10 MILLION a month for those 3 months, I think I'll pass.

We all hear allrepparttar 122596 time about how it'srepparttar 122597 'Opportunity of a Lifetime' to get in onrepparttar 122598 'Ground Floor'. Well, I don't know if it will berepparttar 122599 opportunity of a lifetime or not, but isn't 'Ground Floor' just sort of a nice way of saying 'Unproven'?

I heard a statisticrepparttar 122600 other day that says only 10% of Internet businesses last beyondrepparttar 122601 2 year mark. That's hardly a lifetime. Personally, I think that number is very optimistic, too. I'll bet less than 10% of Internet businesses last more than ONE year, at least in Internet marketing circles. So, unless your willing to move your 'Ground Floor' every 3-6 months, you'd better choose carefully.

What most Internet marketers fail to realize is that being in onrepparttar 122602 'Ground Floor' is NOT what makes an opportunity a good one. What's more important to starting a successful business isrepparttar 122603 EXPANDABILITY ofrepparttar 122604 company's market.

I heard a good example at a meeting a couple of nights ago. How many of you would like to get in to selling 8 track tapes? Come on,repparttar 122605 market for 8 tracks used to be HUGE! It was a multi-million dollar market at one time. Of course, we all know that market is dead now, right?

So, if an MLM called "8 Track Mania" wants you to spend $49 to join up and market with them, you'll politely shoo them away and suggest they do some research on a silly little item know as a Compact Disc, won't you?

Onrepparttar 122606 other hand, if a company that did over $600 MILLION worth of business in North America last year explained to you that their name is only recognizable by 2% of their potential market, would you be more inclined to pay them $49 forrepparttar 122607 opportunity to market for them?

That one makes more sense, huh? The second opportunity has a lot more room for growth, and that is what counts.

All of us in Internet marketing were lured here by one of two concepts. One, get rich quick, or two, lifetime residual income.

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