Why Drug Abuse is Rampant

Written by Karen Nodalo

In almost all overrepparttar countries acrossrepparttar 135180 world, drug trafficking issues are dealt with and arerepparttar 135181 most difficult case to resolve. Every year,repparttar 135182 rate of drug abuse cases and trafficking has been mounting from its number. Be it young or old, it chooses no one. No matter how heavy punishments were implemented, stillrepparttar 135183 government found it to be very impenetrable to stop such case.

The government finds remedy to this matter. Most drug cases involverepparttar 135184 minor entity especiallyrepparttar 135185 out-of-school youth so they find it very hard to trigger. They lack knowledge and education forrepparttar 135186 use of prohibited drugs. Young mindsí curiosities are harder to comprehend and figure out. It is hard to cease because as long as there are hidden resources, still it spreads out unnoticed. Drug issues are immediately to be solved because it is an auxiliary in bringing out other pertinent and relevant cases such as murder and slaughter cases.

Annual news about increasing number of addiction continues to inflate. How do we stop these cases? The public andrepparttar 135187 media have been very immune to hearing this inexorable problem and it appears to be not so very surprising at all. The larger it getsrepparttar 135188 larger chances of inviting associated tribulations not only inrepparttar 135189 community but forrepparttar 135190 whole.

Drug prevention programs or anti-drug campaigns have been implemented and focused on but still, it is to no avail. Minor children who are in sheer addiction are subjected to isolation and rehabilitation. Why do these children involve to these problems at such a young age? The main reason for that matter is because they lack attention and guidance at home andrepparttar 135191 society. Treating children is a sensitive and crucial part. Every little change inrepparttar 135192 environment catches their attention and draws out to what they think is right. Peer pressure comes along with losing family ties that makes them feel unwanted inrepparttar 135193 community. Discrimination is also another factor that affects them emotionally. When they feel indifferent fromrepparttar 135194 other youngsters especially those with a higher standard of living, they tend to seek attention resulting to mental, social and emotional distractions.

Poverty is not for the Poor

Written by Karen Nodalo

Poverty means lack of food, shelter, clothing and opportunities for work and education. It isrepparttar lack of supply forrepparttar 135179 needs ofrepparttar 135180 community. Poverty has grown abruptly and we are left clinging inrepparttar 135181 hands of time waiting to be fed and nourished. It is doing and having what you wanted to do but doing nothing at all forrepparttar 135182 reason you remain incapable.

In a different perception, poverty is a result for having a poor management. In order to have a good government, it should be run by good public officials. If they perform their tasks defectively, our resources are affected,repparttar 135183 poor becomes poorer and our economy declines. Since poverty is onrepparttar 135184 mount, we need to have a good government to heal allrepparttar 135185 economic deficiencies and political operations. If we lack resources, investing would be impossible.

Poverty in countries is being measured byrepparttar 135186 amount or value ofrepparttar 135187 goods and resources they produce. So,repparttar 135188 lesser resources and productions we have,repparttar 135189 lesser opportunity is at stake for us. The lesser chances,repparttar 135190 more probability we will sink in debt.

With poverty onrepparttar 135191 rush, how do we set alternatives to increase our livelihood? How do we invest and compete in a global world? How do provide ourselves with good valuable resources? We start by improving and enhancing our skills in order to bring forth more income to our families atrepparttar 135192 same time uplifting our nationís economy. That is, focusing inrepparttar 135193 rural communities. Watching and maintaining our natural resources would bring investments and exports which makes way to manpower or employment in rural communities. Rural places are mainly our source of natural resources such as fisheries and vegetation so these must be taken good care of.

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