Why Dream Merchants Make More Money

Written by Joanne L. Mason

Why Dream Merchants Make More Money Copyright 2001, Joanne L. Mason www.moneymakingsalesletters.com

Want to knowrepparttar secret to creating your best sales letter ever? All ofrepparttar 108198 classic copywriters have said for ages that when you help someone else achieve their dreams that youíll never run out of customers.

Itís true. Dream merchants always make more money. A dream merchant is someone who knows how to help you achieve your dreams. He understandsrepparttar 108199 dream that youíre pursuing and can offerrepparttar 108200 necessary tools to make your dream a reality. He also knows thatrepparttar 108201 fastest way to achieve his own goals is by helping you reach yours.

Think about it in everyday terms. Consider going on your dream vacation. No travel agent would ever just tell you how much a ticket to your desired location is going to cost you. Instead,repparttar 108202 agentís job is to sell your dream.

Travel offices are plastered with breath-taking posters of exotic locations from every corner ofrepparttar 108203 globe. Whether you want to bask onrepparttar 108204 sunny beaches of Jamaica or skirepparttar 108205 snowcapped-mountains of Montana, your travel agent can get you there. Whatís more, byrepparttar 108206 time that your agent finishes painting a glorious picture of fun and relaxation in your head, youíll be so excited that you wonít care what it costs as long as you get there.

Why Copyright?

Written by Jill Black

Copyright givesrepparttar author orrepparttar 108197 publisherrepparttar 108198 legal ownership rights to control production, sale and distribution of particular documents or images.

Protecting your intellectual property is a vital part of creating and selling your own digitally published works.

Registering your copyright establishes a public record of your copyright worldwide.

An excellent resource onrepparttar 108199 subject can be found at Brad Templetons site which I recommend as a must read by anyone interested in protecting their work...


When you run an online business be aware ofrepparttar 108200 copyright laws in other countries and compare them with your own country's laws and how they may also apply to you.

The information in government documents is usually not copyright and available for use by everyone, but always check to be sure.

When you have created your e-book you do not want an un-authorised party to illegally copy your work or claim it as theirs.

Along withrepparttar 108201 other pirating proliferating onrepparttar 108202 netrepparttar 108203 stealing of ebooks is growing at an alarming rate.

There have been many cases where authors have found their work on other author's sites underrepparttar 108204 name ofrepparttar 108205 other author. If your work is copyrighted you can at least legally sue for copyright infringement.

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