Why Does God Permit Wickedness and Suffering? (Part 2)

Written by ARTHUR ZULU


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By Arthur Zulu

Wickedness has a long history. As old asrepparttar 127029 history of man on this planet -- 6,000 years.

So, in a sense there is nothing happening now that has not happened before. Long beforerepparttar 127030 Twin Towers collapsed, long beforerepparttar 127031 war on terrorists, and long beforerepparttar 127032 Israelis andrepparttar 127033 Palestinians began to send each other to untimely graves,repparttar 127034 history of man right from Bible times has been a tale of misery and woes.

Consider our first parents, Adam and Eve. Their suffering knew no bounds. Adam was to till and ploughrepparttar 127035 ground before he could eat. (0nly God knows how he made his farm implements). And Eve was to suffer terrible pains during child birth. That was not enough. They would have to die!

Murder also was present inrepparttar 127036 beginning. Cain killed his brother Abel. His offence? God accepted his sacrifice. David,repparttar 127037 King murdered Uriah and took his only beautiful wife, Bathsheba. And this, despite allrepparttar 127038 many wives of David! Add to thisrepparttar 127039 killing of Christian martyrs like Stephen, and Godís prophets to makerepparttar 127040 homicide scenes complete.

Also violence is not new. Nimrodrepparttar 127041 great hunter was a violent man who opposed God. He even initiatedrepparttar 127042 construction of a mighty tower in Babel. And then camerepparttar 127043 Nephilims. These were violent giant offsprings resulting fromrepparttar 127044 marriage between angels from heaven and beautiful women on earth. In fact wickedness was so rife in those days that God regretted making man inrepparttar 127045 first place.

What of rape? When you hear about a serial rapist, that one may be borrowing a leaf from Lotís daughters. These beautiful girls had their father, Lot, drunk with wine, raped him and had children for him (what a shame!) And beautiful easy-going Dinah, too, was raped by Schechem. And her brothers went on a killing spree!

Even oppression and injustice are not new. The Egyptians maderepparttar 127046 Israelites slaves inrepparttar 127047 land of Egypt. They were makers of bricks and builders of cities. And in order to suppressrepparttar 127048 Israeli population, their male children were killed at child birth! Naboth, a property owner in Israel also experienced oppression and injustice when King Ahab and his wicked wife, Jezebel had him killed, and seized his vineyard.

The Sign

Written by Jerry Bernard

The Sign is taken from Luke 21, Matthew 24 and Mark 13. It is aboutrepparttar sign ofrepparttar 127028 end of time andrepparttar 127029 coming ofrepparttar 127030 Messiah. The scripture is very clear

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