Why Do We Need Our Addictions?

Written by Brian Maloney

If money is considered to berepparttar root of all evil, then what would we classify as our addictions?

The psychology ofrepparttar 132172 human mind is ultra complex when compared to any other species on earth, so why does it love to tangle itself up in a destructive mode? Once more, why would it seemingly feel right to be in this place in life?

Let’s drill down and put addictions in a separate folder. Psychological addictions are much more prevalent then physical ones; however, people can have both. When someone is psychologically addicted, they are obsessed with doing, having, andrepparttar 132173 idea of a specific concept swirls within.

If one is physically addicted,repparttar 132174 actual body craves, butrepparttar 132175 mind can easily be trained that it also must “have it” in order to function properly.

Two main reasons behindrepparttar 132176 psychology of addictions are fairly simplistic human emotions that we all have. Self worth and security arerepparttar 132177 primary root reasons for our propensity to become addicted.

Example: An invitation lands inside your mailbox and many people that you know and don’t know are going to be there. Feeling unsecure about your abilities, you summon uprepparttar 132178 courage to consume three or four drinks to take offrepparttar 132179 edge and loosen yourself beforerepparttar 132180 event takes place.

This concept seems to work and now you don’t just do it for regular functions, you begin to use it as a crutch more frequently. Your workplace may berepparttar 132181 next testing ground or home.

Another example is when women seek outrepparttar 132182 same type of man as a patterned behavior because they feel within themselves that they simply do not deserve better. This self worth can manifest itself into many variations of an addictive personality or patterned behavior.

What would happen if we completely abolished all of our addictions, whether big or small, serious or not? Would we be forfeiting a part of our very fiber,repparttar 132183 weave that keeps us together?

Not only canrepparttar 132184 mind play tricks on itself and make it believe that it needs something, but it can also become lucid and understand that it can stand alone withoutrepparttar 132185 assistance of external stimuli to artificially boost its worth or security.

Share your time with Time4Sharing.org

Written by Petr Sejba

Time4Sharing.org is a timeshare charity created by Mike Tolan, CEO of Platinum

International and his wife Vivian. The charity has created many community action events and children's fun days in Malta,

Slovakia and Czech Republic usingrepparttar staff of Platinum International. href="http://az.co.cz/platinum-international" rel="nofollow">Platinum International team up with World Class Vacation Club, Rediscover

Malta, Tumas Group and others to makerepparttar 132169 events possible.

"Time4Sharing.org is a web based, energy raising, action making movement,repparttar 132170 movement raises Fun instead of Funds,"

explains Mrs. Viviane Boulos Tolan. This worldwide organization grows throughrepparttar 132171 participation of timeshare industry

developers, marketing and sales personnel who are happy to volunteer and share their time and professionalism.

Time4Sharing.org often cooperates with other charity movements and organizations such as: UNICEF, The United Nations

Children’s Fund, Christel Haus andrepparttar 132172 International Olympic Committee’s Special Olympics.

Time4sharing.org is always looking for new projects, sponsors and volunteers. There are many ways how you can support

Time4Sharing.org and help us raise fun and enhancerepparttar 132173 lives of some less fortunate children and young people:

1. Volunteer work

2. Plan your own event

3. Inspiring your company/employer to join and support Time4Sharing.org "fun raising activities"

Volunteer work

Time4Sharing.org is greatly dependent onrepparttar 132174 support fromrepparttar 132175 timeshare professionals from all overrepparttar 132176 world as well as

other that enjoy participating. You will truly make a difference in these children lives if you share you time with them and

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