Why Do Trees, Frogs and People Exist

Written by Tom Horn

WHY DO TREES, FROGS AND PEOPLE EXIST? It’s a miracle that we are here at all. Our very best researches tell us thatrepparttar whole world has been going downrepparttar 131438 tubes fromrepparttar 131439 very beginning. It’s true. As far as we can tell from examining processes that we can understand,repparttar 131440 whole of existence is sliding into formlessness. This can be demonstrated by thinking of a snooker table with allrepparttar 131441 balls set up in their initial pattern. The cue ball is struck and allrepparttar 131442 coloreds are scattered. If three wound up in a straight line, we would call it ‘a fluke’. If several wound up in some kind of pattern we might call it ‘a chance in a million’. If they all wound up in their original complex arrangement we would feint with disbelief. What generally happens, of course, is that allrepparttar 131443 balls will wind up in a pattern-less state. So it appears that cause and effect processes, operating under known scientific laws, invariably lead to a more random grouping of their parts. If any patterns do occur, these are chance events that are quickly reabsorbed intorepparttar 131444 march towards a featureless condition. Now imagine that you put some chemicals in a jar, shook them up and then waited. Eventually, when all interactions had occurred,repparttar 131445 mix would have wound down into a dead state with a temperature everywhererepparttar 131446 same. Isrepparttar 131447 universe like this? Are we really onrepparttar 131448 road to a dead featureless condition? This trend has been going on sincerepparttar 131449 world began and yet trees, frogs and people have come to exist. Recognizable patterns of living structure, together with routines of behavior, are everywhere. Is each of them simply a ‘chance in a million’? What arerepparttar 131450 chances of finding say a transistor radio byrepparttar 131451 side ofrepparttar 131452 road that, by some lucky clash of materials, had somehow made itself? The chances are pretty slim I’d say. And yet we, as human beings, are much more complex than a transistor radio. How come we exist? Enter evolutionary theory. First there was a blob of living protoplasm floating in some primeval swamp. How it got there,repparttar 131453 theory cannot demonstrate. However, Darwin’s theory has a lot to say on how blobs of

Two Fairy Tales Reveal the Secret of Life

Written by Tom Horn

TWO FAIRY TALES REVEAL THE SECRET OF LIFE When we were young we became acquainted withrepparttar stories of Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks. Both these little girls have encounters with wild beasts and one is eaten, whilstrepparttar 131437 other gets clean away. Why wererepparttar 131438 fates ofrepparttar 131439 little girls so different? If we knewrepparttar 131440 reason, it might be useful in everyday life. When I first heardrepparttar 131441 stories, I enjoyed them at face value and, like all children, did not possessrepparttar 131442 ‘power’ to understandrepparttar 131443 depth of meaning behind them. Then I grew up and, after much folly and suffering, began my search ‘inrepparttar 131444 wilderness’ forrepparttar 131445 meaning of life. One dayrepparttar 131446 connection betweenrepparttar 131447 two apparently unconnected stories just came to me from out ofrepparttar 131448 blue. Bear with me as I recountrepparttar 131449 tales. You will remember that Red Riding Hood’s head was full of kind and considerate thoughts. These had been passed on to her, like a virus, from her mother, who, in turn, had learned them from her parent. When Red Riding Hood was asked by mum to take some groceries to granny who lived inrepparttar 131450 woods she jumped atrepparttar 131451 idea. She was warned against talking to strangers and to keep torepparttar 131452 path. All went well untilrepparttar 131453 way became crooked atrepparttar 131454 entrance torepparttar 131455 woods. Here she meetsrepparttar 131456 wolf; a beast that immediately suggests picking more berries and fruits for granny. Red Riding Hood findsrepparttar 131457 idea irresistible and gathers a lot more produce. Meanwhilerepparttar 131458 wolf creeps away torepparttar 131459 cottage inrepparttar 131460 woods where he gobbles up granny. Thenrepparttar 131461 little girl arrives loaded down withrepparttar 131462 groceries and fruits. The wolf is now in granny’s clothes and he promptly adds Red Riding Hood torepparttar 131463 menu. However, a hunter is nearby and he killsrepparttar 131464 wolf and cuts him open, thus releasingrepparttar 131465 two ladies. Now we come to Goldilocks. Here is girl who liked to roam inrepparttar 131466 woods alone, eating wild strawberries when she was hungry and sleeping on dry moss when she was tired. The scene changes torepparttar 131467 cottage ofrepparttar 131468 three bears where mummy bear has been making porridge for her family. It is too hot to eat, so allrepparttar 131469 bears go out for a while. A little later Goldilocks passes by and, because she is hungry and tired, entersrepparttar 131470 cottage ofrepparttar 131471 three bears. You will remember how she tries allrepparttar 131472 bowls of porridge, allrepparttar 131473 chairs and allrepparttar 131474 beds to findrepparttar 131475 ones that are just right for her. She is asleep in baby bear’s bed whenrepparttar 131476 beasts arrive home. There is a commotion, but Goldie escapes and runs allrepparttar 131477 way home. We are told that she never goes back torepparttar 131478 woods again. It’s great to hear those stories again isn’t it? What do you mean, you would rather watch ‘Prisoner in Cell Block H’ on TV? Listen, those stories revealrepparttar 131479 secret of life. The Red Riding Hood story depicts what happens when you ‘go too far’. You see, it is very powerful to exercise personal preferences or choices. Preferences are your own, butrepparttar 131480 knowledge of right and wrong you receive from your parents or teachers. They pass their values on to you like a virus. You then find yourself like Eve inrepparttar 131481 Garden of Eden, ‘eating ofrepparttar 131482 tree ofrepparttar 131483 knowledge of good and evil’. Having ‘gone too far’, both Adam and Eve were kicked out ofrepparttar 131484 garden and became powerless. Red Riding Hood’s mother, like mothers everywhere, committed an act of extreme folly when she told her daughter to keep torepparttar 131485 path and not to talk to strangers. Her daughter was then forced to abandon her own preferences in favor of a received wisdom. When this happens you have oversteppedrepparttar 131486 mark, you have been tripped over a threshold into a state of mind that becomes available to a living trend. This is what happened to Red Riding Hood. Living trends emerge spontaneously from increasingly complex conditions. Inrepparttar 131487 story, escalating complexity is symbolized whenrepparttar 131488 straight path turns ‘crooked’ atrepparttar 131489 entrance torepparttar 131490 woods. (Inrepparttar 131491 story of Adam and Eve, ‘crookedness’ is symbolized byrepparttar 131492 serpent.’) Also, in fairy tales,repparttar 131493 forest trees, straining towardsrepparttar 131494 light, depict living trends. Red Riding Hood meetsrepparttar 131495 wolf whenrepparttar 131496 path goes ‘crooked’. He tempts her to go beyondrepparttar 131497 threshold of what is ‘just enough’ groceries for granny. So, having already ‘gone too far’ with her ideas of right and wrong,repparttar 131498 little girl now picks an excess of fruit. Red Riding Hood also has imperfect knowledge ofrepparttar 131499 motives ofrepparttar 131500 wolf. In general, there will always exist a state of imperfect knowledge between grown men and women – even if they are mentally compatible. This is due torepparttar 131501 existence ofrepparttar 131502 female fertility cycle. Because a man cannot know what it is like to be a woman,repparttar 131503 level of imperfect knowledge is high enough to make both parties available to living trends. In factrepparttar 131504 fertility cycle is often atrepparttar 131505 root of those disembodied ‘forces’ called living trends. Red Riding Hood’s mum and dad were obviously living underrepparttar 131506 spell of a living trend and had drawn their daughter into it. Because ofrepparttar 131507 connection of imperfect knowledge withrepparttar 131508 fertility cycle,repparttar 131509 daughter is depicted as wearing a ‘Red Hood’. Therefore, to sum up, it is Red Riding Hood’s failure to ‘taprepparttar 131510 world lightly’, together with her received tendency to ‘eat ofrepparttar 131511 tree ofrepparttar 131512 knowledge of good and evil’, plus her ‘imperfect knowledge’ ofrepparttar 131513 motives ofrepparttar 131514 wolf, that combine to cause ‘crookedness’. The latter isrepparttar 131515 sign thatrepparttar 131516 little girl is about to participate in a new living trend. She now entersrepparttar 131517 world of living trends,repparttar 131518 ‘forest’ and gets to discover thatrepparttar 131519 ‘road to hell really is paved with good intentions’.

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