"Why Do They Hate Us?

Written by Arthur Zulu

That wasrepparttar question onrepparttar 126043 lips of all Americans when Uncle Sam's country saw "hell fire" on September 11, 2001. Uncle Sam was surprised beyond measure because he thinks that his country has done so much forrepparttar 126044 world. He counts American's contribution on his fingers: champion of free speech, and fundamental human rights, exporter of democracy, giver of food and financial aids, and this new role—fighter of terrorists—to makerepparttar 126045 world a safe place to live. So, why do they hate us? Asks Uncle Sam.

And in order to find outrepparttar 126046 answer to this troubling question, he goes to sample people's opinion on America. Andrepparttar 126047 answers he gets surprise him.

In Africa, he was told that he has not even started. The Africans told him thatrepparttar 126048 food grains he was shipping to them were poisonous. They even said thatrepparttar 126049 help is politically motivated, forrepparttar 126050 food was sent torepparttar 126051 countries of dictators who are chasing white farmers all overrepparttar 126052 place. So they said Uncle Sam was only trying to demonize these heads of state, while playingrepparttar 126053 Santa Claus. When he reminded them aboutrepparttar 126054 money that America has invested in fighting diseases in Africa, he was booed. For they say that it was like a drop inrepparttar 126055 ocean, saying thatrepparttar 126056 continent is used for experimenting dangerous AIDS vaccines. Evenrepparttar 126057 economic package, calledrepparttar 126058 African Growth and Opportunity Act, was dubbed a selfish initiative that would benefit onlyrepparttar 126059 Americans.

So, Uncle Sam leftrepparttar 126060 African continent. Not that he was annoyed. But he felt that these "uneducated" Africans didn't understand things. Or they were ungrateful.

His next stop was South East Asia. But he was similarly surprised to learn that these Asians were saying that Uncle Sam was not paying close attention torepparttar 126061 political development of these lands. The Philipians didn't even like his full control ofrepparttar 126062 war againstrepparttar 126063 fundamentalists in their country. He couldn't understand these Asians. Perhaps, they didn't want another Vietnam.

Uncle Sam therefore, heads to Russia in his search torepparttar 126064 question: Why do they hate us? Butrepparttar 126065 Russians were even more resentful. Because they blame him forrepparttar 126066 break-up ofrepparttar 126067 former Soviet Union saying that America tricked Mikail Gorbachev then president, to introduce glassnot and perestroika, which eventually led torepparttar 126068 fall ofrepparttar 126069 super power. The Russians were particularly unhappy that Uncle Sam is nowrepparttar 126070 only world's super power. And they wished that China would challenge America. After all, very soon,repparttar 126071 Emperor`s country would berepparttar 126072 first nation to take man to Mars. When Uncle Sam peeped across to Russia's neighbor, Chechnya and asks if he was welcome, they pointedly said no. Because America turned a blind eye as Russia pounded away at separatists in Chechnya. Who is then America's friend? Uncle Sam wondered.

The Last Eclipse

Written by Arthur Zulu

Strange things never cease to happen. These things themselves makerepparttar world go round. Consider this: Many years ago, a solar eclipse happened in one primitive part ofrepparttar 126042 earth. You know what it means—day changed to night. Andrepparttar 126043 ignorant villagers, who didn't know what had just happened, thought thatrepparttar 126044 world has come to an end. See farmers racing down to their village huts! Behold mothers frantically searching for their weeping babies inrepparttar 126045 village playground! Watch birds and domestic animals hastily making to their hiding places! Chaos!!

But I am not going to talk of those who committed suicide either by drinking poison or drowning inrepparttar 126046 village river beforerepparttar 126047 end comes. Neither am I going to say ofrepparttar 126048 village priest who immediately made a sacrifice to appeaserepparttar 126049 gods, who he thought had gone mad. No, I am not going to talk of those.

My concern isrepparttar 126050 richest man inrepparttar 126051 village who made a feast forrepparttar 126052 villagers. He had all his livestock slaughtered, tore his yam barns and invited allrepparttar 126053 villagers forrepparttar 126054 last supper. But as they were eating underrepparttar 126055 moonlight, watchingrepparttar 126056 stars and waiting forrepparttar 126057 world to end, night changed to day. Andrepparttar 126058 surprised villagers turnedrepparttar 126059 last supper to a happy celebration, eating up allrepparttar 126060 rich man's possessions. The man could not stop them because he had asked them to feast. So he became known asrepparttar 126061 most foolish man ofrepparttar 126062 year. But that's a different matter.

When Gavrillo Princip fired an "innocent" shot in Sarajevo killing Archduke Ferdinand, never did he know thatrepparttar 126063 events that would follow it would eventually lead torepparttar 126064 death of innocence in 1914. Before that first world war began, British then foreign minister, Neil Chamberlain leaned over a window, and said: "The lights are going out all over Europe. We shall never see it lit again in our life time." The report did not state that he shook his head. Maybe he did. And it did not say that he dropped a tear. Perhaps, he did. The rest is history now. Millions dead!

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