Why Do Music Lovers Still Prefer to Buy Records?

Written by Charles Essmeier

Inrepparttar late 1940’s,repparttar 140071 45-RPM record replacedrepparttar 140072 78-RPM record. The 45 was smaller, less breakable and could be made and sold more cheaply. Despite these advantages, it took ten years beforerepparttar 140073 78 became obsolete, and inrepparttar 140074 meantime, record companies sold their product in both formats. In 1982,repparttar 140075 major record companies introducedrepparttar 140076 compact disc, which offered a smaller size, “perfect” sound, and less likelihood of damage in day to day use. Asrepparttar 140077 compact disc offered a much larger profit margin than didrepparttar 140078 long-play record album (LP)repparttar 140079 record companies were eager to rid store shelves of records once and for all. Given thatrepparttar 140080 78 lasted ten years afterrepparttar 140081 introduction ofrepparttar 140082 45, it seemed likely thatrepparttar 140083 LP would be gone fromrepparttar 140084 market by 1990. The expected disappearance ofrepparttar 140085 LP never happened. Despiterepparttar 140086 efforts ofrepparttar 140087 music industry, music fans and collectors not only continue to buy records today, but sales of records and record-playing equipment are onrepparttar 140088 rise.

Each year in January,repparttar 140089 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is held in Las Vegas. At this event, audio and video manufacturers show offrepparttar 140090 latest and greatest in their product lines. An unusual sight this year was notrepparttar 140091 large number of cutting-edge compact disc players, butrepparttar 140092 largest number of record turntables that had been seen atrepparttar 140093 event in years! Sales of both new and used records are hot, and equipment manufacturers are eager to reintroducerepparttar 140094 turntables they quit making years ago. Why are record sales increasing when compact discs are supposed to provide perfect sound in an unbreakable format? There are several

What Is So Cool About Ringtones?

Written by Richard Hsu

Have you heard some unique ringtones from your friends’ cell phones ?

The chance ofrepparttar unique ringtones is that they most likely catch your attention and you will respond back with a friendly smile.

It must be cool, isn’t it? A customized ringtone can give you a great opportunity to express your true individuality and style of taste. Want to be different fromrepparttar 140070 rest of your friends around you? It is easy. Just download a distinctive ringtone and you will instantly and gracefully stand out among crowds.

Plus, Ringtones make your life fun, too. Depending on your musical taste you will be hip hopping, waltzing or be-bopping torepparttar 140071 beat every time you get a call!

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