Why Democrats Lose Elections: They aren't dumb. They're asleep.

Written by Kenn Gividen

Giverepparttar GOP credit. Unlikerepparttar 125883 Democrats ó whose collective IQ seems to register somewhere between a í58 Buick and box of rocks órepparttar 125884 Republicans are astutely aware of their political surroundings. Thatís why they win and Democrats donít.

In reality,repparttar 125885 Democrats arenít dumb.

Anyone who was privileged to bask inrepparttar 125886 presence of former Gov. Joe Kernan know him as a passionate leader who truly cared for Hoosiers. The sharp mind of former Democratic Party State Chair Kip Tew was an asset torepparttar 125887 party. And former Lt. Kathy Gov. Davis was bright, witty, and personable. In short, they were a class act.

No,repparttar 125888 Democrats arenít dumb. Theyíre asleep.

The GOP, by contrast, paid close attention torepparttar 125889 elections in 2003 when Libertarian Greg Dixon took nearly 15 percent ofrepparttar 125890 vote in his bid for Indianapolis City Council. That put a sizeable ding inrepparttar 125891 confidence of his Republican challenger. More bothersome wasrepparttar 125892 fact that Libertarians proved they could plan and execute an effective campaign. The GOP took note. The Democrats snoozed.

That same yearrepparttar 125893 Libertariansí candidate for mayor in Carmel snatched nearly 25 percent ofrepparttar 125894 vote fromrepparttar 125895 Republican incumbent. That was no small task, considering Hamilton County is a bastion of Republicanism. In nearby Noblesville,repparttar 125896 GOP saw over 40 percent of its vote go to Libertarians in two of their City Council races. In Wayne County, Susan Bell flat out squashed her Republican opponent and becamerepparttar 125897 Hoosier stateís first Libertarian judge. All told, twelve Libertarians are holding office acrossrepparttar 125898 state.

Torepparttar 125899 ears of Republicans,repparttar 125900 above hasrepparttar 125901 ring of an alarm clock. Torepparttar 125902 Democrats itís a lullaby.

Simply said,repparttar 125903 GOP gets it. Indiana has three political parties. They are vulnerable. In 2004 they responded accordingly and won.

The Democrats donít get it. One would thinkrepparttar 125904 party of Birch Bayh would haverepparttar 125905 good sense to exploitrepparttar 125906 Republicans' soft spot. Exploit it? They donít even seem to know it exists.

Consider, for example,repparttar 125907 GOPís gubernatorial primary in May of 2004. Eric Miller, a pro-life, sun-tanned poster child forrepparttar 125908 religious right, challengedrepparttar 125909 man who would ultimately becomerepparttar 125910 next governor. The Republican Party was divided. To thinking folks, that translated into vulnerability. Torepparttar 125911 Democrats ó who are not thinking folks ó it meant nothing.

Some truly frightening statistics regarding economic freedom in The Untied States

Written by Mike Sylvester

The Wall Street Journal andrepparttar Heritage Foundation (A conservative think tank) just came out with their most recent Index of Economic Freedom. This index measuresrepparttar 125882 relative economic freedomrepparttar 125883 people of each country have. This study is performed by economists from aroundrepparttar 125884 world.

The study takes into account too many factors to list here: Taxes, corruption, government spending, property rights, regulations, barriers to business, tariffs, etc. The countries withrepparttar 125885 best ratings are countries that have a free market economy and small governments. The countries withrepparttar 125886 worst ratings have large and oppressive governments and a lot of barriers to free enterprise.

The Founding Fatherís of this country envisioned a small government and a free market economy; unfortunately, our current politicians believe in large government and excessive regulation. The United States has fallen to being tied forrepparttar 125887 12th best country in regards to economic freedom. This poor ranking is due to excessive government spending andrepparttar 125888 enormous deficitsrepparttar 125889 Republican and Democratic parties have managed to accumulate since World War Two.

According torepparttar 125890 research performed by these economists, 36% ofrepparttar 125891 entire GDP ofrepparttar 125892 United States is government spending. This is an amazing and frightening statistic. What this means is thatrepparttar 125893 government spends over one third of all money spent in this country. The other two thirds is spent byrepparttar 125894 citizens of this country,repparttar 125895 ten million illegal aliens residing in this country, foreign tourists, and American and foreign businesses doing business inrepparttar 125896 United States. Prior to World War Two, government spending inrepparttar 125897 United States was under 4%! The government is growing at an alarming and unsustainable pace.

Both The Republican and Democratic parties believe in large government and increasing regulation. Neither party has made any attempt to do anything other then grow government. The main difference betweenrepparttar 125898 two parties is what they want to spend our tax money on, not how much of our money, our childrenís money, and our grandchildrenís money they want to spend. Both parties want to spend every dollar they get their hands on, this is not enough for them, so they are now borrowing from future generations.

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