Why Classic Styles Offer the Best Clothing Value

Written by Diana Pemberton-Sikes

“I want to look good without spending a lot of money. What'srepparttar best way to use my clothing budget?”

This question - or variations thereof - regularly hits my inbox from readers all overrepparttar 138686 world. While we may not all speakrepparttar 138687 same language, there are a few things upon which we can all agree that make us take leave of our senses: rich chocolate, handsome men, and clothes that are too cute to leave behind atrepparttar 138688 store.

So what's a gal to do, particularly when she's been saddled with champagne tastes on a beer budget?

First, set down those glossy fashion magazines and back away from them slowly. They can be dangerous, particularly if you don't know how to use them. $700 pants? $500 shoes? Who can afford to buy these things? Not many! Look at what's popular, swipe some styling ideas, then go replicaterepparttar 138689 looks in prices that you can afford.

Secondly, start viewing any “must have” list with healthy skepticism. These arerepparttar 138690 latest trends thatrepparttar 138691 designers are showing that will be dated by this time next year. Some will be cute, true, but others will only be cute onrepparttar 138692 models that show them. Once you learn what looks good on you and what doesn't, you'll be a lot less susceptible to buying what others say you “must have” each season.

Finally, invest in classic pieces that work well on your body. It'srepparttar 138693 single best way to getrepparttar 138694 most mileage out of your clothing budget, because you can wear classic styles for several years without ever looking dated. Top a classic base with a trendy accessory, and you'll look “au courant” without going inrepparttar 138695 red.

So what exactly ARE classic styles, and how do you know one when you see it?

Classics are styles that have been popular for years because of their clean lines and utilitarian features. While trends are instantly recognizable by length, pattern, or decoration, classics transcend time with their cut, style, and fabric. They can be worn alone, layered, dressed up or dressed down, and can be made to look current by adding something trendy.

Dating Advice: Raise Your Standards

Written by Terry Hernon MacDonald

Last week I saw a TV interview with a well-known actress who maintained that all men are programmed to cheat. According to this genius, testosterone surges compel men to dive intorepparttar sack with strangers. The poor dears can't help themselves, and it's our duty as women to accept it.

Fortunately, a well-known sex therapist just happened to berepparttar 138579 show's next guest, and she setrepparttar 138580 actress straight. All men do not cheat. All men do not fight their hormones all day long.

Honorable men are faithful.

Many women, likerepparttar 138581 actress, kid themselves into believing that men just can't be expected to behave decently. Don't be one of them. Putting up with substandard treatment from a love interest can be dangerous (consider AIDS and other STDs). Expect men to treat you as you would treat them: with love, loyalty, respect, and passion.

No woman should ever assume that her boyfriend or husband is biologically incapable of monogamy any more than he is of, say, clearing a table. The fact is,repparttar 138582 world is full of wonderful men who want to love a womanrepparttar 138583 way she should be loved.

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