Why Choose a Professionally Written Resume?

Written by Vincent Czaplyski

Why Choose A Professionally Written Resume?

Good question, considering that nowadays you can find many useful resources to help you write your own resume (including many located at http://www.impressive-resumes.com).

A professionally written resume might be just what you need. Onrepparttar other hand, perhaps you can easily write your own resume using a resume template or commercially available resume writing software. How do you decide which is right for you?

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help you decide.

* "Do I haverepparttar 136061 time to dorepparttar 136062 job right?"

If you want to create a resume that works, i.e. one that capturesrepparttar 136063 attention of a hiring manager during a 10 second initial "toss or keep" scan, you need to be willing to invest some time. Depending on your comfort level, your familiarity with resume design factors and how well you're organized, this can take anywhere from a couple of hours to several days or more.

If you haverepparttar 136064 time, energy, focus and desire to learn how to write an effective resume, you're probably a good candidate to do it yourself. If you're really not ready to devoterepparttar 136065 time and effort, you'd be better served by allowing a professional resume writer to write it for you.

* "Can I affordrepparttar 136066 services of a professional resume writer?"

If you're on a no kidding shoestring budget, writing your own resume is probablyrepparttar 136067 way to go. But most people are surprised at how inexpensive and easy it is to hire a professional resume writer who can write a truly effective resume. Chances are good that there's room in your budget for a professionally written resume, especially considering thatrepparttar 136068 right career step could pay back your investment a thousand times over (or more).

You've probably already spent tens of thousands of dollars on your education, (not to mention incredible amounts of sweat equity) to get where you are today. The small amount of additional money you spend on a professionally written resume may just berepparttar 136069 best career advancement investment you'll ever make.

How to Reach Your Next Job Faster with Fewer Potholes and Roadblocks

Written by Marta L. Driesslein

Want to change jobs and head in a different direction? The best career search outcome is attained when you anticipaterepparttar potholes and roadblocks ahead and refuse to let hindsight be your tour guide. If you wait for perfect road conditions andrepparttar 136002 “right opportunity,” you’ll consistently detour your efforts and eliminate premium career options.

Complacency damages your career more than lack of qualifications. The most obvious roadblock you’ll encounter onrepparttar 136003 race to find your next job is usually regrets about skills, education, and professional knowledge. However, be careful that you don’t possess an inner smugness that rests on past successes. Complacency will trick you to believe that employers will find you without any effort on your part to find them. You’ll be anesthetized to job search urgency by this false sense of security. Overconfidence costs you money and opportunities if you decide to sit back with a Jack Daniel’s and idle your time away untilrepparttar 136004 phone rings. It won’t.

Job seeker loses $30,000 and top management role while waiting for “right opportunity. Rich Connell, senior consultant for R. L. Stevens & Associates Inc., a leading international career marketing firm headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, regretted a huge blunder he made during his earlier career adventures. “I lost a high level management position and $30,000 in commissions and bonuses because of job search complacency.”

After being suddenly downsized, Connell admits several valuable months vanished while he waited forrepparttar 136005 “right” opportunity to magically appear. He didn’t take his search seriously. These tactical errors took him out ofrepparttar 136006 marketplace and offrepparttar 136007 hiring radar atrepparttar 136008 critical start of his sales career. Employers didn’t know he was available. He missed a great position that was significantly more suitable and provided larger financial reward thanrepparttar 136009 one he settled for because he ran out of leverage. “In retrospect, I should’ve jumped right back intorepparttar 136010 market and not wasted all that time. If only I had started my search sooner and gave it more attention. Losing $30,000 and a management fast track was an expensive teacher to learn how to conduct a successful job search,” he lamented.

Now wiser and more successful fromrepparttar 136011 experience and lessons learned, Connell from his ninth-floor office overlooking Indianapolis, Indiana strongly encourages job seekers to not postpone a career transition to wait for non-existent “perfect conditions.” Don’t delay your search any longer, for any reason. Get serious and get on with it, he says.

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