Why Canít My Cell Phone Go Into Power Save Mode?

Written by Gina Novelle at www.thirdpocket.com

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I just donít get it. I have a $1500.00 HP Laser Printer that after 1 hour shuts down and patiently waits until I send a job. Then it magically ďwakes upĒ after 15 seconds and printsrepparttar job. Inrepparttar 137183 other office, I have an HP G85 color printer; it goes to sleep and turns offrepparttar 137184 scanner light. Something in its circuitry knows how to come out of technical coma mode and with no human intervention; it copies, scans and prints. I even have a battery powered adding machine that does a power down after 15 minutes. Come to think of it, so does my Sony camera, my electric toothbrush, and my portable tape recorder. Why canít my cell phone?

After all, I donít use my electric tooth brush, adding machine, printer or camera in life saving situations, but someday, I may have to do that with my cell phone. When my husband fell in a turtle hole while hiking inrepparttar 137185 desert, and broke his arm, it was his cell phone that enabled him to call home. Why donít cell phones have battery save mode?

How many times, have you been inrepparttar 137186 car, or withrepparttar 137187 kids, and needed to call home? You take out your cell phone, and oops,repparttar 137188 battery is dead. Sometimes, my cell phone even lies to me. It saysrepparttar 137189 battery is still alive. Just as I dialrepparttar 137190 number, and hearrepparttar 137191 voice onrepparttar 137192 receiving end say hello, thatís when my cell phone dies.

How to Add Audio to Video

Written by Ross MacIver

Digital media is everywhere you look. Music and video production have made it torepparttar grass roots level thanks torepparttar 137134 affordability and widespread use of powerful computers. Inexpensive digital video cameras are widely available, and older analog video cameras can be connected to a computer through a video card to download movies torepparttar 137135 computer for editing, storage, and distribution to friends and relatives overrepparttar 137136 internet.

It has become fairly easy to edit your own videos, and there are many software packages available aimed atrepparttar 137137 amateur. The Windows operating system has its own video editing package called Windows Movie Maker that allows you to produce professional-looking videos.

As you explore this exciting new world, you will inevitably come up withrepparttar 137138 need to editrepparttar 137139 audio portion of your video file. The sound quality of most video cameras is not great, so you may want to processrepparttar 137140 sound or replace it all together with music or voice-overs.

It is very easy to separaterepparttar 137141 audio fromrepparttar 137142 video. Free software packages that do this task include Windows Media Encoder from Microsoft (if you are working with WMV video files) and VirtualDub (if you are working with AVI files). Either of these programs (and many others) allow you to saverepparttar 137143 audio portion of video file quickly and easily.

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