Why Boats Are A Pleasure... But You Still Need Boat Insurance

Written by John Edwardson

One ofrepparttar greatest pleasures that a man can have is owning his own boat. It goes back torepparttar 149478 days of adventure onrepparttar 149479 high seas when a man was absolute monarch of his realm as a captain of his ship.

Today there are very few places thatrepparttar 149480 average man can be master and commander of his own destiny. But owning a boat is not without risk or expense. At one time cannons and carronades protectedrepparttar 149481 owner and captain from loss today it is boat insurance that protects a man from loss.

It might seem like a small thing but boat insurance is essential to protecting an asset that you might have worked your entire life to own.

The greatest joy in boating is that you are responsible for your own fate. That means responsible and in some sense autonomous fromrepparttar 149482 rest ofrepparttar 149483 world. What boat owner hasn't dreamed of sailing torepparttar 149484 Sea of Cortez?

All alone with justrepparttar 149485 deep blue quiet all around you andrepparttar 149486 vault of stars above to light your way; what could be better? Listening torepparttar 149487 plaintive whale song offrepparttar 149488 coast of Hawaii while your family sits in happy companionship, that isrepparttar 149489 way to spend your leisure.

Investing in New Zealand - Learn how to Find Unique Investment Opportunities

Written by Ofer Shoshani

Copyright 2005 Ofer Shoshani

Investing in New Zealand might be much easier than investing in other western countries, thank torepparttar excellent infrastructure,repparttar 149477 low taxes andrepparttar 149478 assistance ofrepparttar 149479 supportive NZ government.

Technological Face of New Zealand

New Zealand has a unique reputation withinrepparttar 149480 global market place. This country offers a complicated dichotomy – a technological savvy environment with a laid back attitude. New Zealanders are known for their ability to get things done, their wiliness to be onrepparttar 149481 cutting-edge of technology, and their friendly, welcoming attitudes. This combination comes together to form an inviting environment for investment.

New Zealand – All Wired Up

New Zealand has made aggressive steps towards encouraging investment and advance technology interests. In fact, New Zealanders are notorious for being early adopters of technology. New Zealand has one ofrepparttar 149482 highest investments in information technology in proportion of GDP inrepparttar 149483 world. New Zealand may be onrepparttar 149484 other side ofrepparttar 149485 world, butrepparttar 149486 aggressive technological advances make New Zealand seem like a next-door neighbor.

New Zealand has several sophisticated telecommunication access points, with companies such as AT&T, British Telecom, Bell Atlantic, Sprint Cable & Wireless and Telstra operating affiliate sites in New Zealand. In 2000, Southern Cross Cable established a sophisticated fibre optic system through out New Zealand, linking via satellite systems to San Francisco, Hawaii, Australia and Fiji. This high powered system allowsrepparttar 149487 transfer of data at lightening speeds,repparttar 149488 equivalent of two full-length motion pictures every second.

New Zealand’s Potential

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