Why Big Skyscraper Ads are Replacing Banners--and How YOU Can Reap Exciting Results

Written by Chris Moran

Inrepparttar early days ofrepparttar 101015 Internet, banner ads quickly becamerepparttar 101016 prime advertising method. Most major companies still pour millions into banner ads, but results have steadily dropped.

Banner ads that once pulled in business now get ignored. And so it often goes with advertising. The first rule of making a sale is for your ad to get attention. Once banners became commonplace and consumers got used to them, they stopped noticing them (and clicking on them) altogether.

All that was turned on its head recently withrepparttar 101017 creation of very large skyscraper ads. Just likerepparttar 101018 name implies, a skyscraper banner ad extends up and down alongrepparttar 101019 right side ofrepparttar 101020 web page. They are usually 120 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall.

The use of skyscraper ads has exploded, nearly tripling to 6 billion skyscraper ads being put to use every month. Major sites like Yahoo Finance, CNET, MSN, and Alta Vista routinely feature them.

Why? In this case, bigger is definitely better. While more than half of allrepparttar 101021 ads onrepparttar 101022 Internet are stillrepparttar 101023 old 468 x 60 banners,repparttar 101024 much larger skyscraper ads get noticed. Thus, click-throughs and resulting purchases are dramatically higher than traditional ads. We have seen some sites experience click- through increases of nearly 1000 percent.

The Power of FREE

Written by Kristy A. Taylor

Every single day thousands of people from aroundrepparttar world are logging on torepparttar 101014 Net forrepparttar 101015 very first time. Every single day thousands of people from aroundrepparttar 101016 world are attempting to factualize their dream of running an Internet business from home. And every single day, these same thousand people are searchingrepparttar 101017 Net for that ultimate product or service that will BE their home business.

Would you love to berepparttar 101018 one selling these same peoplerepparttar 101019 products and services that they need? I'll just bet you would! But firstly you need to get these peoples' attention. You want them to visit your site but so does every other marketer out there. What you need is a lure... a bait! Surveys have shown for years thatrepparttar 101020 one word that gets peoples attention isrepparttar 101021 word - sex! Yes, sex... but we're not going to use this word, (tricked you didn't I) we are going to userepparttar 101022 second most popular word - free!

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