Why Become a Truck Driver?

Written by Joe Regan

There are a great number of good reasons for someone to become a truck driver. First and foremost among those reasons would berepparttar great pay. Did you realize that most truckers, their first year out onrepparttar 109275 road, earn an average of $35,000 a year? And, that after just a few years out, those same truckers are making an average of $45,000-$50,000 annually? And finally, veteran drivers who own their own trucks make average salaries that are over $100,000 a year. What other profession can you get into, whererepparttar 109276 pay is that good?

One other great reason to get into trucking…….. isrepparttar 109277 chance to see some of this great country of ours. How many states have you been to? Are you one of those people who haven’t been to very many places? Well, get into trucking and you will haverepparttar 109278 opportunity to explore America. See why most people consider this to be not onlyrepparttar 109279 greatest country inrepparttar 109280 world, but alsorepparttar 109281 most beautiful one as well. What other country has sights like The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone Park,repparttar 109282 Great Smoky Mountains,repparttar 109283 Pacific Ocean,repparttar 109284 Gulf of Mexico, New England inrepparttar 109285 fall, and so much more? Want to explore America? Become a trucker.

One other great thing about being a trucker isrepparttar 109286 camaraderie that you feel with your fellow truckers. It’s a special bond, much likerepparttar 109287 bond that people who are inrepparttar 109288 military feel. You and your fellow truckers know that you are doing a job that is vital, Vital forrepparttar 109289 country. For without trucking, we would be in a heap of trouble. Do you have any idea how many products that you use, that are delivered by truck? The percentage of products delivered by truck is around 78%. So think about something that you use (car; food; pharmaceuticals; etc.) and there’s a really good chance that it got to you, by truck.

Protect Your Children Education At No Cost To You

Written by Mary Yorke

Protect Your Children Education At No Cost To You

When it comes to layingrepparttar foundation for a child’ success, there is no substitute for education. For this reason, one major financial services organization has undertaken to make sure that children who are touched by family tragedy (namely,repparttar 109274 death of a parent) do not face a second loss, that of an opportunity to continue their education.

The LifeBridgeä Free Life Insurance Program, announced by MassMutual Financial Group, will provide up to $1 billion in insurance coverage-20,000 term life policies each with a $50,000 death benefit-to help qualified parents protect their children’s education. If an insurred parent dies duringrepparttar 109275 10-year term ofrepparttar 109276 policy,repparttar 109277 death benefit will be put in trust to payrepparttar 109278 educational expenses of his or her eligible children. The benefit covers a variety of educational expenses, including books and tuitions.

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) paysrepparttar 109279 premiums for all policies issued underrepparttar 109280 LifeBridge Free Life Insurance Program; there is no out-of-pocket cost torepparttar 109281 insured individual or his/her children. The program is aimed squarely atrepparttar 109282 children ofrepparttar 109283 people who need it most. The LifeBridge Free Life Insurance Program is available in most states except Maine, New Mexico, South Dakota, and West Virginia

“Withrepparttar 109284 pressure of work, bills and normal household responsibilities, a great number of Americans need peace of mind that their children’s educational future will be protected if a prent dies,” said Robert J. O’Connell, chairman, president and chief executive officer of MassMutual.

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