Why Asset Management Is Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme

Written by James Printon

When you are considering asset management consider what it takes to learnrepparttar field before you attempt it yourself. What I mean by asset management is more complex than just balancing your check book (although that is part of it).

I mean your entire financial worth, not justrepparttar 150406 money inrepparttar 150407 bank butrepparttar 150408 money that is tied up in your home, stocks, bonds and retirement accounts, everything that you may have or will have.

This is a field for professionals to work in not amateurs. You would not go to your neighbor 'Dave' and have him look at your trick knee (unless he was a doctor) and you would not go to see your in-laws and ask them to diagnose car trouble (unless they are mechanics).

But every day somebody goes to his neighbor or to their in- laws and asks them for financial advice.

Financial advice about things like asset management is a complex field that takes years of study to learn. There are many self-help programs onrepparttar 150409 internet and on TV that encourage you to learn 'a simple easy system' to make millions.

How To Identify Explosive Stocks To Trade

Written by Peter Lim, CFP

Many traders often come to me with this question, " How can I know what stocks are going to break out in price?"

Indeed, if you can identify what stocks are going to break out in an explosive move, you can jump on these stocks to trade them before they start to move.

While it cannot be denied that this is a trading technique, and have elements of speculation, we can use technical analysis to help us nail most of these moves by using performance studies on price and volume.

There is a predominant school of thought that volume preceeds price. In other words, we will see an increase in volume of a stock before its price starts to increases or moves up. Some call thisrepparttar On Balance Volume outbreak.

Irregardless of what technical analysis software you use, you can even have records of price and volume and put them onto a spreadsheet to computerepparttar 150405 changes in volume and price of a stock or an index to detect these volume outbreaks.

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