Why Asset Management Is A Vital Key To Your Future

Written by James Printon

Our home, car, property and credit lines are all assets. Proper asset management is a necessity for all of us. When we think of asset management ofttimes we forget that we need to protect our assets not only for ourselves but for our children as well.

Now some people believe that we have no obligation towards our children after they are out ofrepparttar nest but this is just plain wrong. How didrepparttar 150130 richest families maintain their riches?

By protecting their assets after they were gone. When families protect their assets and pass them down to their children and grandchildren they are assuring that their own heritage will be enjoyed by future generations.

Do it often enough and well enough and your children and grandchildren will enjoy allrepparttar 150131 benefits of being atrepparttar 150132 top ofrepparttar 150133 ladder to start with. This is an enviable position why would you not want your family in that position?

We need to keep close eye on our asset management because that is what will ensure that we have a good retirement as well. All of us are hoping that inrepparttar 150134 end we will have enough to do whatever it is that we enjoy forrepparttar 150135 last half or quarter of our lives.


Written by Mandy Nield

Every day you work is one day closer to your retirement. But can you afford to stop work? If you were unable to go to work for 6 months due to illness or injury, would you still have enough income to support yourself and your family? Even if you kept working, would you have enough money put aside to comfortably retire after a hard lifetime of work? If you kept working or doing as you’re doing today, forrepparttar next 10 years, would you be in a better position to retire? Have you ever calculated whether your superannuation orrepparttar 150129 pension is going to be enough for you to retire on?

For most people these questions either remain unanswered or have negative responses. Facts say that most people ARE NOT planning for their retirement and if they are, they’re not putting anywhere near enough away to support themselves.

So where does that leave us all? What can we do about our plight?

Well, there is some great news. There is an investment vehicle that can not only put cash in your pocket immediately, but also has a proven track record of doubling its value every 7 – 10 years. What is this golden investment? It’s none other than PROPERTY.

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