Why Aren't You Writing Ezine Articles?

Written by Michael Southon

I'm amazed!

Everywhere I go onrepparttar Web, people are desperately searching for ways to get more traffic to their websites. Some will even pay hundreds of dollars foran Express Listing in Yahoo.

And yet one ofrepparttar 129428 most powerful ways of driving traffic to your website is completely free and anyone can do it.

A few savvy webmasters have been using this techniquefor years to drive high-volume traffic to their websites. And they've made a fortune!

I'm talking about Ezine Articles.

There's a huge demand for Ezine Articles right now but only a handful of people are using this technique. That's why you keep seeingrepparttar 129429 same articles being published in dozens of different Ezines.

Why are Ezine Articles such a powerful promotion technique?

When you get your Article published in an Ezine,you're basically getting an enormous Ezine Ad for free. But your Article is much more powerful than an Ezine Ad.


A normal Ad is there simply because someone paid to have it placed there. But your Article is there becauserepparttar 129430 Publisher thinks you have valuable information that will benefit his or her readers. In other words, you are an expert.

Who would you be more likely to buy from? Someone who paid to have an Ad inserted, or someone who is an expert and has just written an Article full ofvaluable information?

I first discoveredrepparttar 129431 power of Ezine Articles in May of this year when I wrote an Article titled '10 Tips For Successful Ezine Advertising'. Two weeks later it was published in 'WebProNews' (WebProNews, May 15, 2000), which has a circulation of 500,000. I couldhardly believe it - my Article being read by half a million people!

Less than 2 weeks later another of my articles ('How To Get The Most Out of Your Ezines') was published inrepparttar 129432 same Newsletter (WebProNews, May 26, 2000).

Byrepparttar 129433 end of that month, traffic to my website had more than tripled. Suddenly, I was earning a very respectable income from my affiliate programs.

To fully understandrepparttar 129434 power of Ezine Articles, let's put a monetary value on them. At a rough guess, Iwould say that a well-written Ezine Article has at least twicerepparttar 129435 pulling-power of a Top Sponsor Ad.

A Top Sponsor Ad in 'WebProNews' costs $4,000 - so with those two articles of mine, I got $16,000 worthof free Ezine Advertising!

10 Tips For Promoting Through Ezine Articles

Written by Michael Southon

What'srepparttar most powerful marketing technique onrepparttar 129426 Web? Search Engine positioning? Perhaps. But did you know that some ofrepparttar 129427 most successful web marketers don't bother much withrepparttar 129428 Search Engines?

They put most of their effort into another technique that's just as powerful and is much more under their control.

They write Ezine Articles.

There are tens of thousands of Ezines being published every month, with a collective audience of millions.

Andrepparttar 129429 editors of most of those Ezines are all looking for quality content for their newsletters.

If you master this technique you can get your name and your website URL in front of 100,000 or even a million readers.

Right now there's a shortage of good Ezine Articles.

So, if you write well and you know how to do research onrepparttar 129430 Internet, there's a huge market waiting for you.

But there are some tips for writing and publishing Ezine Articles. Here they are:

(A) Writing Your Ezine Articles:

(1) Pick a topic that you know something about (however little) and then go torepparttar 129431 Search Engines and find as many websites as you can that deal with that subject.

As well as collecting information for your article, make a note of any URLs that offer free resources dealing withrepparttar 129432 topic of your article. Include those URLs in your article.

(2) Once you've donerepparttar 129433 basic research, writerepparttar 129434 title of your article inrepparttar 129435 middle of a blank page and circle it. Then jot down your information in lines that radiate out from your title, likerepparttar 129436 spokes of a wheel. This technique is called 'Mind Mapping' and it's a very effective way of organizing your ideas.

You can find more information on Mind Mapping at:


(3) An increasing number of Ezine Publishers will not accept articles that are promoting a product you sell. So, keep your article free of affiliate links; avoid mentioning any products or services for which you receive a commission.

(4) Atrepparttar 129437 end of your article, attach a 5- or 6-line 'Resource Box' that includes your website URL and/or your email address.

(5) When you have finished your article, do NOT send it off straight away. Let it lie fallow for 2 or 3 days and then come back and read it again. You'll be amazed atrepparttar 129438 improvements you can make. Those final improvements are what makesrepparttar 129439 difference between an article that gets published and one that doesn't.

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