Why All The Fuss About Relaxation

Written by Bill Dunigan

Why All The Fuss About Relaxation?

Bill Dunigan

If you have ever taken many riding lessons I'm sure you have heardrepparttar word "relaxation". It seems to be a staple in every instructors vocabulary. Have you ever wondered why so many teachers, trainers, and top riders place so much importance on it? Sometimes they are refering to relaxation onrepparttar 138079 part ofrepparttar 138080 horse and other times it'srepparttar 138081 rider being encoureged to relax more. What is it about this one aspect of riding horses that makes it so universaly important?

Something that we must realize before going any farther in this discussion is that there is a difference between riding a horse and working a horse. If we are simply out for a trail ride or usingrepparttar 138082 ring just to enjoyrepparttar 138083 beautiful day on horseback, we are riding. Onrepparttar 138084 other hand if we are preparing for competition, trying to progress torepparttar 138085 next level of accomplishment in our chosen diciplin, or practicing what we learned inrepparttar 138086 previous lesson, then we are working our horse. When we are just riding we are not doing anything in particular to bring about specific results withinrepparttar 138087 horse. However, when working our horse we have a real purpose, That purpose is to systematicaly and effectivly bring about improvement inrepparttar 138088 physical and mental condition ofrepparttar 138089 horse.

When our horses are tense their mussles, tendons, ligaments, and joints are not able to be as fluid in all of their actions as they need to be. Since we are trying to progress and improve, we needrepparttar 138090 horse able to performe torepparttar 138091 best of it's ability. If our horse is not relaxed while trying to accomplish this then there is no way to truly makerepparttar 138092 kind of progress we are looking for. Not only does it make it impossible for us to atainrepparttar 138093 desired results, it makes our horse more susseptable to injury. Whenrepparttar 138094 horse is tense their movements become suddon and abrupt. This can cause them to strain or pull something quite easily without us ever asking them to do something difficult, or unusual. Remember, even though they are very large animals they are in many ways quite fragil. When we take overrepparttar 138095 controls and start telling them when to stop or go, how to move, which way to look and bend, etc. we had better be correct, or we put them at a disadvantage when it comes to saving themselves from injury. The more relaxed we can keep themrepparttar 138096 easier it is for them to take care of themselves when working. That relaxation enablems them to remain fluid in their movements. This is crutial if we want to avoid injuries.

The relaxation keepsrepparttar 138097 horse mentaly able to understand and acept what we are wanting them to do. When they are not worried about self preservation from injury they are better able to cooperate with us. They must be able to trust us. If every time we attempt to work them we end up with a nervious, excited, frustrated horse then something is wrong. If this is oftenrepparttar 138098 case than they will have a very difficult time trusting us. They are creatures of habit, and have excellent memories. Why should they trust us to give them a good experience today ifrepparttar 138099 last time was as unpleasant for them as it would have been for us. They will trust us when we have earned it, and not before.

College Branded Clothing

Written by Johann Erickson

Ted is a devout OU Sooners fan. Even when he was still in high school he purchased allrepparttar college branded OU clothing he could find. Now, he is a freshman at OU andrepparttar 138017 first home football game is tonight and he must decide what he is going to wear that will work forrepparttar 138018 game and forrepparttar 138019 party afterrepparttar 138020 game. He canít come back torepparttar 138021 dorm afterrepparttar 138022 game to change and he wants to look his best for two reasons. Afterrepparttar 138023 game, he is taking Shelia torepparttar 138024 after football game party. He heads to his closet.

In his closet, he hasrepparttar 138025 University of Oklahoma college hooded sweatshirt in dark ash and one in cardinal, which would be perfect becauserepparttar 138026 weather will be onrepparttar 138027 chilly side this evening, but that wonít work forrepparttar 138028 party afterwards. Other items he has that will keep him warm duringrepparttar 138029 game includerepparttar 138030 University of Oklahoma college sweatshirt in dark ash,repparttar 138031 Oklahoma Sooners signature college sweatshirt in dark ash,repparttar 138032 University of Oklahoma college hooded sweatshirt in charcoal, University of Oklahoma college crew sweatshirt in dark ash, charcoal and cardinal,repparttar 138033 University of Oklahoma college mock neck shirt in white or cardinal,repparttar 138034 University of Oklahoma college twill shirt in cardinal andrepparttar 138035 University of Oklahoma college long sleeve denim shirt. Any of these would work perfectly forrepparttar 138036 game, but for an indoor party he may be uncomfortable. He could mix and match and wear something that could be removed and left inrepparttar 138037 car while he attendsrepparttar 138038 party.

While he is making his decision, acrossrepparttar 138039 campus inrepparttar 138040 girlís dorm, Shelia is going throughrepparttar 138041 same dilemma. She is also trying to decide what she should wear torepparttar 138042 big OU game andrepparttar 138043 party afterwards. She also has allrepparttar 138044 OU College branded clothing you could think of for women. In her closet she is deciding betweenrepparttar 138045 University of Oklahoma ladies college hooded sweatshirt in charcoal,repparttar 138046 University of Oklahoma ladies zip college hooded jersey shirt in charcoal,repparttar 138047 University of Oklahoma ladies college hooded sweatshirt in charcoal, University of Oklahoma junior college long sleeve t-shirt in white, andrepparttar 138048 University of Oklahoma junior college string top shirt.

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