Why A Modern Golf Training System Is So Effective

Written by Mike Pedersen

Gone arerepparttar days when a golf training system mainly involved going over torepparttar 144630 course and practicing your swing. This was hardly effective and for many unprepared golfers in poor physical condition often led to injury.

These days golf training systems have become more sophisticated andrepparttar 144631 key objective is to get results. Modern golf training systems usually involve golf-specific exercises designed to strengthen muscles that are used inrepparttar 144632 game.

Modern golf training systems also incorporaterepparttar 144633 use of exercise machines and equipment. The most effective of this seek to strengthen particular muscles and parts ofrepparttar 144634 body that are critical to golf.

Stretching exercises are also important in any good golf training system. The right stretch exercises, sometimes incorporatingrepparttar 144635 use of dumbbells, can help dramatically improve a golf swing andrepparttar 144636 distance ofrepparttar 144637 drive onrepparttar 144638 course. And stretching exercises do not have to be limited torepparttar 144639 gym or exercise area. There are a number of stretch exercises that can be performed inrepparttar 144640 office, even while still seated on your chair. These have proved to be especially useful with many amateur golfers who hardly seem able to findrepparttar 144641 time to play golf, let alone spare a few hours at a crowded gym.

Learning The Correct Golf Instruction Swing Sequence

Written by Mike Pedersen

There are three segments ofrepparttar golf instruction swing sequence. They are namelyrepparttar 144629 back swing,repparttar 144630 down swing and thirdlyrepparttar 144631 impact and follow through.

The first golf instruction swing sequence isrepparttar 144632 back swing, which is very important torepparttar 144633 entire golf swing. This is because ifrepparttar 144634 technique is not correct at this early stage,repparttar 144635 other parts ofrepparttar 144636 golf instruction swing sequence will not matter andrepparttar 144637 result will be a very poor drive. The main focus at this stage ofrepparttar 144638 golf instruction swing sequence should be on body rotation and club and arm extension.

The downswing golf instruction swing sequence actually starts withrepparttar 144639 legs and hips rather thanrepparttar 144640 arms, which doesrepparttar 144641 actual swinging ofrepparttar 144642 golf club. There should be a clear transfer of body weight from back to front withrepparttar 144643 knees, thighs and hips all starting to move forward. This isrepparttar 144644 correct instruction forrepparttar 144645 downswing segment ofrepparttar 144646 golf swing sequence.

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