Why A Father is Not A Dad

Written by Brian Maloney

It can be said that any man who procreates is a father, whether present in that child’s life or not. While this is technically true, it really takes a man to be a dad!

There is nothing more insulting than a cavalier man thinking he has every right inrepparttar world to seerepparttar 132238 child he helped to create, but was never there for him or her. It is as if he or she is obligated to him like that of a debt.

As a child of a broken home and now as a father myself, I knowrepparttar 132239 purest definition of being a dad isrepparttar 132240 time spent with your child that will always prevail inrepparttar 132241 end.

Would you remember your father more if he was a millionaire but never there, or a near-penniless man who spent time with you and showed yourepparttar 132242 love you needed?

To me, it’s a no brainer!

However, many dynamics can and do interfere with being a dad. Turmoil-ridden marriages, separations, relocations, resentment fromrepparttar 132243 child, andrepparttar 132244 ever-abundant brainwashing of a child to hate.

So if you’re a father doing his best to be a dad, how do you overcome such obstacles?

Do everything in your power to maintainrepparttar 132245 bond you have with your child! If that means following that child to Timbuktu and lose your career, getting on better terms withrepparttar 132246 child’s mother, or simply putting more time into strengtheningrepparttar 132247 father-child relationship.

If there is anything I can take from my own father, is that of sporadic appearances and child support from over 2000 miles away never satisfied my need for a dad. Today, as a 32 yr. old man, it has never been so evident how important a dad is in a child’s life. My humble opinion is that I would have had a lot less security issues had a dad been present in my childhood.

Is America Christian?

Written by Terry Dashner

“Hodgepodge of Thoughts about early America”……………………………….A short reading ofrepparttar facts

I was listening to a news programrepparttar 132236 other night and I heard an alarming statement made by a “Reverend” who said that America was not founded as a Christian nation. I don’t know much aboutrepparttar 132237 minister’s credentials other than what was flashed acrossrepparttar 132238 screen. It seems he was a former employee ofrepparttar 132239 ACLU and was opposed to Christian emblems being placed on government property. He gaverepparttar 132240 same old song and dance about “separation of church and state” (gag me) andrepparttar 132241 need for America to sterilize her government agencies of Christian symbols. I was thinking about this absurdity this morning, and thought I would help setrepparttar 132242 record straight. America was founded on Biblical principles and has been declared Christian by its institutions of law allrepparttar 132243 way up torepparttar 132244 1950s. Let me present some facts.

Fact: Terry Eastland, publisher of The Weekly Standard, has confirmed after his in-depth study ofrepparttar 132245 history of America. “Protestant Christianity has been our established religion in almost every sense of that phrase…The establishment of Protestant Christianity was one not only of law but also, and far more importantly, of culture. Protestant Christianity suppliedrepparttar 132246 nation with its ‘system of values.’” James Billington, Liberian of Congress, said in a news conference onrepparttar 132247 opening ofrepparttar 132248 exhibit, “Religion andrepparttar 132249 Founding ofrepparttar 132250 American Republic,” that “the dominant role religion played inrepparttar 132251 earliest days of this country is largely ignored by media, academics, and others.”

Fact: In 1931repparttar 132252 U.S. Supreme Court noted thatrepparttar 132253 United States is a Christian nation. In a mid-Atlantic summit with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill inrepparttar 132254 darkest hours of World War II, President Roosevelt—who had describedrepparttar 132255 United States asrepparttar 132256 “the lasting concord between men and nations, founded onrepparttar 132257 principles of Christianity”—askedrepparttar 132258 crew of an American warship to join him in a rousing chorus ofrepparttar 132259 hymn “Onward, Christian Soldiers.” President Woodrow Wilson, in his famous address, “The Bible and Progress,” delivered in Denver, Colorado, on May 7, 1911, told his audience that, “America was born a Christian nation. America was born to exemplify that devotion torepparttar 132260 elements of righteousness which are derived fromrepparttar 132261 revelation of Holy Scripture.” I might add that President Wilson was a devout Presbyterian.

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