Why 95% of Affiliate Websites Lose Money - And How You Can Avoid The Pitfalls

Written by K. ONeill

Affiliate marketing is an agreement between two websites in which one site (the affiliate) sends traffic to another site by means of advertising or content.

In return,repparttar affiliate receives a percentage of sales generated.

Having worked with affiliate programs for several years now I can vouch that's it possible to make a very comfortable living working from home with affiliate programs.

Sure there are downsides - there can be sales tracking issues; dud affiliate programs, and there's always those dreaded returns and commission chargebacks.

Butrepparttar 141815 upside more than makes up for it: you get to be your own boss; you can set your own hours; you're building a potentially enormous recurring stream of income; and there's no workplace politics or overbearing boss to hound you.

Butrepparttar 141816 best part is this:repparttar 141817 potential to make money is unlimited - there is no glass ceiling.

So if affiliate programs are such a great concept - why do statistics tell us that only 5% of affiliate marketers ever make money online?

Why aren't more affiliates making more money?

In my online experience I've seen a few affiliate websites that are genius at selling. Most however make several deadly mistakes that are probably costing them thousands of dollars in sales.

Here arerepparttar 141818 3 top reasons why 95% of affiliate websites don't make more money and how you can steer clear ofrepparttar 141819 pitfalls:

Reason #1: Trying to sell too many products.

Have you ever visited a website and been knocked senseless with sales offers? Banners flashing, moving text - moving up, down, left to right, right to left, bright laughing images bouncing across your screen.

Thenrepparttar 141820 pop-ups come - pop-ups, pop-unders, pop-overs. It's non-stop sales-pitch overload - and you can't get out of there fast enough. It takes you a full five minutes to re-focus your eyes once you manage to escape fromrepparttar 141821 website

Ok, some affiliate websites aren't that bad but you getrepparttar 141822 point.

While working for a bank several years back, I learned one ofrepparttar 141823 #1 rules of sales: "A confused mind always says 'No'." If you give someone too many options, too many choices, or even too much information too quickly - they won't buy anything. They will always say 'No' torepparttar 141824 sale.

Solution? Reducerepparttar 141825 confusion and you'll INCREASErepparttar 141826 sales.

Top affiliates will tell you to focus on one or two products per website (or per web page). Never more than that.

If you want to increase your conversion rate, stop selling so many products on one website. Focus onrepparttar 141827 top one or two that make yourepparttar 141828 most sales. You'll then have a lot more customers saying 'yes' and putting cash in your pocket.

Reason #2: Website theme is too general.

When choosing a theme for your website, think niche, not general. For example, unless you're Best Buy or Future Shop, you might not want to build a website about computers. That's way too general and you're now in competition withrepparttar 141829 big boys. Why put yourself through that?

BEST SERVED HOT: A Simple Recipe For Success With Affiliate Programs

Written by Gunnar Berglund

Affiliate programs have become very popular because of their potential to generate substantial, and even lavish, income in a relatively short period with little investment cost. Their fame has become so big that they are being credited as one ofrepparttar main reasons forrepparttar 141782 resurrection ofrepparttar 141783 online business community afterrepparttar 141784 dotcom bubble burst.

But what are affiliate programs? Simply put, affiliate programs, or associate programs as they are called in some circles, are web merchants who pay other websites a commission for either of two things or both:

Whenrepparttar 141785 affiliate website generate traffic forrepparttar 141786 web merchant;

B. Whenrepparttar 141787 affiliate website helps sell a product offered byrepparttar 141788 web merchant.

Now, why is such a set-up with affiliate programs a lucrative option? Well, first, all you really need is an online presence, i.e. a website, and some selling skills. You donít have to pay anything at all. Second, there is no limit as to how many affiliate programs you could join, and there is definitely no maximum cap for how much you could earn. Third, when everything is set, a semi-automated process will be in place that would allow you to potentially earn even if youíre busy with other things.

But despite all these favorable things that can be said about affiliate programs, not that many people have decided to takerepparttar 141789 plunge. Their hesitation most probably stem fromrepparttar 141790 customary notion that nothing enormously profitable can be gained with little work. Also, they may be ofrepparttar 141791 belief that affiliated programs are too complicated to understand.

Theyíre wrong on both counts, and you could use this to your advantage by joining affiliate programs whilerepparttar 141792 industry isnít that saturated yet. Hereunder is an overview on how to start a relationship with an affiliate program, and how to makerepparttar 141793 most out of it. It is presented a la a cookbook recipe to let you know how easy it is to master.



1 or more web merchants who offer good commission schemes 1 or more sellable products 1 or more websites where you could promote your affiliates 1 web builder program (i.e. Frontpage, Dreamweaver, or even MS Word) 1 payment method plan (i.e. Paypal, Stormpay, etc.) some writing skills


1 software that could convert files to .pdf format 1 or more membership in online forums

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