Whose Values Are They Anyway?

Written by Virginia Bola, PsyD

First there wasrepparttar sight of Janet Jackson's pastie-adorned breast atrepparttar 125894 Superbowl, then Nicollet Sheridan's towel-dropping scene on Monday Night Football. A public outcry followed, deploringrepparttar 125895 obsessively sexual orientation of advertising, entertainment, andrepparttar 125896 media as a whole.

Asrepparttar 125897 debates rage, a core question must arise: if sex is known to sell anything, who is doingrepparttar 125898 buying?

Public Relations and marketing gurus giverepparttar 125899 public what they crave. If they don't, they are out of a job. How many new viewers will Desperate Housewives gain because ofrepparttar 125900 uproar over their ad? Thousands? A million or two? And who enjoyedrepparttar 125901 gratuitous nudity? Those who "missed it" on Monday Night Football were able to indulge their curiosity asrepparttar 125902 tape was replayed and replayed ad nauseum. Who in America has not seen it by now? Surely onlyrepparttar 125903 sightless andrepparttar 125904 occasional hermit could have missed it.

Bush Victory: A Defeat for the Have-nots?

Written by Virginia Bola, PsyD

The shouting is over and directions forrepparttar next four years selected. Judging by past behavior (the best predictor, psychologically, of future behavior), we can look forward to:

1. Continued and probably expanded tax cuts forrepparttar 125893 wealthiest Americans and large Corporations. It is no surprise thatrepparttar 125894 stock market soared onrepparttar 125895 election news: big business stands to gain greatly byrepparttar 125896 results. Predictions? A strong effort to curtail product lawsuits, no matter how valid, to protect bottom line profits and continued tax incentives to offshore jobs to third world countries where labor costs are low, worker protections minimal, and profitability unlimited.

2. Protection of drug companies by barring pharmaceutical imports from Canada and discouragement ofrepparttar 125897 formation of purchasing cartels for Medicare and other public programs.

3. Semi-privatization of Social Security leading torepparttar 125898 emigration of higher paid young employees into private plans, unavoidably diminishingrepparttar 125899 influx of money available for current and future recipients.

4. Expanded funding forrepparttar 125900 morass of Iraq and support forrepparttar 125901 new Afghani government, benefitingrepparttar 125902 Haliburtons ofrepparttar 125903 world rather thanrepparttar 125904 American worker.

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