Whose Land?

Written by Maureen Metcalf

It is interesting that everyone is so hung-up onrepparttar debate regarding who has official rights to The Land known historically as "The Land of Canaan."

If we go back far enough, we discoverrepparttar 141917 near Middle East was settled by descendants of Canaan, thusrepparttar 141918 region was referred to as "The Land of Canaan." Abraham was not ofrepparttar 141919 line of Canaan. How was it then, that Abraham was givenrepparttar 141920 Everlasting Covenant ofrepparttar 141921 Land?

Who was Abraham? Was he an Arab, or was he a Jew? Actually, neither! Abraham arose fromrepparttar 141922 ethnic background ofrepparttar 141923 Chaldeans, arising out of ancient Sumer, descendants of Shem.

The Arab nations arose throughrepparttar 141924 lines of: Abraham's nephew Lot, Abraham's son Ishmael, and through Esaurepparttar 141925 twin brother of Jacob. The Jews descended from Abraham, throughrepparttar 141926 line of his promised son, Isaac, who fathered Jacob. In other words, bothrepparttar 141927 Jews andrepparttar 141928 Arabs are able to trace their ethnic roots through Abraham back torepparttar 141929 Shemite Chaldeans,repparttar 141930 descendants of Shem.

Abraham, who brought along his nephew Lot, enteredrepparttar 141931 Land of Canaan, in obedience torepparttar 141932 L_RD who brought them out of Ur ofrepparttar 141933 Chaldees, torepparttar 141934 Land of Promise. However, Abraham did not claim this Covenant Land during his own lifetime. Both Lot and Abraham sojourned as foreigners amongrepparttar 141935 Canaanites. The same was true for Isaac and Ishmael, neither of whom lay direct claim to Canaan during their lifetimes. In fact, neither did Esau or Jacob lay claimrepparttar 141936 Land in its entirety. All sojourned as strangers in The Land. It was not until forty years followingrepparttar 141937 Exodus from Egypt, that underrepparttar 141938 leadership of Joshua,repparttar 141939 Covenant Land was initially conquered and settled byrepparttar 141940 descendants of Jacob. Up to that juncture,repparttar 141941 Canaanite tribes occupied Canaan, andrepparttar 141942 L_RD told them to drive out allrepparttar 141943 inhabitants ofrepparttar 141944 Land. The Philistines were not direct descendants of either Abraham or Lot, nor of Ishmael or Esau, but were fromrepparttar 141945 tribes surroundingrepparttar 141946 Mediterranean. They were therefore not Shemite. In fact,repparttar 141947 Philistines were from Caphtor, an Island inrepparttar 141948 Mediterranean, so were more closely related torepparttar 141949 Phoenicians and Minoans, and had connections with those who settled Tyre and Zidon -repparttar 141950 Lebanon link. The Philistines occupied much ofrepparttar 141951 Gaza region ofrepparttar 141952 Land, and atrepparttar 141953 time ofrepparttar 141954 conquering ofrepparttar 141955 Land byrepparttar 141956 Children of Israel, were never completely driven out, even under King David, although he managed to encorporate Gaza as part ofrepparttar 141957 region called Judah. This failure to driverepparttar 141958 Philistines totally out ofrepparttar 141959 Land was in violation ofrepparttar 141960 Word ofrepparttar 141961 L_RD to Israel. Therefore,repparttar 141962 L_RD had to deal withrepparttar 141963 Philistines Himself. Jeremiah 47:4. "Because ofrepparttar 141964 day that cometh to spoil allrepparttar 141965 Philistines, and to cut off from Tyrus and Zidon every helper that remaineth: forrepparttar 141966 LORD will spoilrepparttar 141967 Philistines,repparttar 141968 remnant ofrepparttar 141969 country of Caphtor." This Scripture is a prophecy, and therefore will yet again come to fruition in dealing withrepparttar 141970 Palestinians.

But, arerepparttar 141971 Palestinians, Philistines? No! But, they are considered likerepparttar 141972 Philistines in that they are using Gaza as their terrorist stronghold, and they use gorilla-type terrorist tactics. However,repparttar 141973 Palestinians have definite Arab ethnic roots, and themselves claim to be Arabs, making them Shemite in ethnic origin. Arafat claimed to be a Philistine (his tactics,) but he also claimed Arab ethnicity, but was born in Egypt.

However, there is an Arab-Canaanite connection through Esau, whichrepparttar 141974 Palestinians now are claiming gives them Land-rights, becauserepparttar 141975 Canaanites did inhabitrepparttar 141976 Land before Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob arrived. Genesis 26: 24-25 states: " And Esau was forty years old when he took to wife Judithrepparttar 141977 daughter of Beerirepparttar 141978 Hittite, and Bashemathrepparttar 141979 daughter of Elonrepparttar 141980 Hittite: Which were a grief of mind unto Isaac and to Rebekah."

So, it is true thatrepparttar 141981 Abrahamic ethnic background of Esau's descendants was blurred through Esau's marriage to two Canaanite wives. But, does this intermarriage qualify his descendants to take over Jacob's blessing bestowed upon him by Isaac, which wasrepparttar 141982 passing down ofrepparttar 141983 official inheritance ofrepparttar 141984 Divine Abrahamic Covenant? Doesrepparttar 141985 fact that Esau's children can claim ancestoral connection through Esau's wives who first occupied Canaan, give any qualification for them to inheritrepparttar 141986 Land?

Keep in mind, Esau intermarried withrepparttar 141987 Hittite wives before Isaac bequeathedrepparttar 141988 Abrahamic heritage blessing. This was a great grief to his parents. That is why, with Rebekah's help, Jacob tricked Isaac into blessing him, rather than Esau. However, Esau, inrepparttar 141989 eyes ofrepparttar 141990 L_RD, had already disqualified himself by marrying outside ofrepparttar 141991 Abrahamic Covenant line. So even though deceptive trickery was involved, G_d honouredrepparttar 141992 blessing bestowed upon Jacob, who up to that juncture was not yet married, and Isaac and Rebekah saw to it that Jacob chose wives from withinrepparttar 141993 appropriate Shemitic Abrahamic line, thus preservingrepparttar 141994 right of his descendants to inheritrepparttar 141995 Abrahamic Covenant.

Such marriage restrictions remained stringent down throughrepparttar 141996 generations. The Jews were exhorted byrepparttar 141997 L_RD, throughrepparttar 141998 Mosaic Law, not to intermarry withrepparttar 141999 nations occupying Canaan, or withrepparttar 142000 nations surrounding them. They were to wipe-outrepparttar 142001 Canaanites inrepparttar 142002 Land; not to intermingle with, or to marry them! Intermarriage with any Canaanite, or other people-group, even if of an Abrahamic line not ofrepparttar 142003 line of Promise, would obviously disqualify their descendants from participating inrepparttar 142004 blessings ofrepparttar 142005 Abrahamic Covenant. Any time there were Jews who intermarried,repparttar 142006 L_RD commanded them to put away their foreign wives and their children, from among them. Only descendants of Abraham, through Isaac and Jacob, were to qualify.

After Isaac's blessing to Jacob, Esau took more wives. Genesis 36:2-3. "Esau took his wives ofrepparttar 142007 daughters of Canaan; Adahrepparttar 142008 daughter of Elonrepparttar 142009 Hittite, and Aholibamahrepparttar 142010 daughter of Anahrepparttar 142011 daughter of Zibeonrepparttar 142012 Hivite; And Bashemath Ishmael's daughter, sister of Nebajoth." He then took all his wives and children and dwelt in Edom. Genesis 36:8. "Thus dwelt Esau in mount Seir: Esau is Edom." So, where should allrepparttar 142013 descendants of Esau,repparttar 142014 twelve tribes of Esau, now call home? Edom is southern Jordan! Anyone stating they are a descendant of one ofrepparttar 142015 sons of Esau should be desiring to live in Jordan, not taking over any portion ofrepparttar 142016 Abrahamic Covenant Lands! It is interesting to note thatrepparttar 142017 majority ofrepparttar 142018 population of Jordan are Palestinian! So, a Palestinian State de facto already exists! Therefore, there is no need for another Palestinian State! The Islamic doctrine behindrepparttar 142019 Muslim desire to oustrepparttar 142020 Jews from Israel and form another Palestinian State, driving Israel out, stems from a variant ofrepparttar 142021 understanding ofrepparttar 142022 inheritance forrepparttar 142023 twelve sons of Esau! The L_RD Himself will takerepparttar 142024 Muslims to task for this error!

Arguing About Arguments, the Chinless, and North Korean Parrots...

Written by Ed Williams

Wanna know something that I get asked about pretty frequently from people who contact me about this column? They ask when I might write one about my views on politics and world affairs.

I really don’t know why it matters. My opinions are just that, only my opinions, and mean no more and no less than anyone else's. Inrepparttar past I’ve studiously avoided writing about politics and world events because there are already tons of people out there who write about such subjects, and, to tell y’allrepparttar 141491 truth, I wonder why some of them even bother putting inrepparttar 141492 effort. Columns about politics and world events end up being nothing more thanrepparttar 141493 columnist’s take on such things, but I guess people are interested in knowing just what those “takes“ are. Maybe they spur discussion, or something. Given that, I’m going to take one shot at giving y’all my honest slant on some ofrepparttar 141494 big news items going on out inrepparttar 141495 world today. And hey, if y’all don’t like it, don‘t worry about it, cause it‘ll be a long time before I do this again. With all that having being said, here’s a short synopsis of what I see goin’ on out inrepparttar 141496 world these days:

1. North Korea - Run by a megalomaniac who looks like a human version of a parrot dressed in green army fatigues. He constantly puffs his chest out and threatens nuclear troubles for allrepparttar 141497 world around him, whenrepparttar 141498 reality is that he can’t even feed his own people. He only hasrepparttar 141499 nuclear chip to bargain for much needed hand-outs with, so he’ll drag out negotiations regarding them for as long as possible, even though he needs said hand-outs to keep his regime afloat. Doesn’t matter inrepparttar 141500 least to him as he’ll still be eating through it all. This guy andrepparttar 141501 person in charge of runningrepparttar 141502 “Oil-for-Food” program over atrepparttar 141503 United Nations must’ve both attendedrepparttar 141504 same management school, that’s aboutrepparttar 141505 only thing I can figure.

2. Syria - Terrorist supporting nation run byrepparttar 141506 son of its previous dictator. He’s most notable for having no chin and for having even less leadership ability. Anxious to hang onto power at all costs, he’ll suck up to bothrepparttar 141507 U.S. andrepparttar 141508 terrorists with equal amounts of zeal. Pretty muchrepparttar 141509 hoochie mama ofrepparttar 141510 middle east, he’ll sing a sweet song to whomever happens to be playingrepparttar 141511 fiddle for him atrepparttar 141512 time. My money says that if someone walked up behind him and hollered “Osama” really loud that he would salute and click his heels together before he even realized what he was doing.

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