"Whois" on first?

Written by Bob Osgoodby

No this is not an Abbot and Costello comedy routine, but some serious information you need to know if considering your own web site. If you have ever looked into getting your own domain name, you have no doubt done a "whois" lookup. If you haven't, you can search to see ifrepparttar name you wish is available at: http://www.networksolutions.com/

There are three types of extensions available for our use atrepparttar 108337 current time. For example, abc.com is an example of a dot.com site - abc.net a dot.net site and finally a dot.org site.

Dot.org sites were traditionallyrepparttar 108338 domain of non-profit organizations, but have since opened up, so anyone can have that extension. There are other extensions such as dot.gov, but these are not available torepparttar 108339 average person.

Before choosing a name with an extension, you should be aware that most browsers will allow you to simply enterrepparttar 108340 domain name such as "abc". The browser will then search for a web site with that name - but it isn't as simple as that.

Choosing A Domain Registrar

Written by Dan Grossman

Since Network Solutions lost its monopoly overrepparttar domain name registration business, a multitude of competing registrars and thousands of resellers have popped up. Now a domain buyer may choose between these various sites at various rates for basicallyrepparttar 108336 same service.

So why does it matter where you buy your domain names?

No two registrars arerepparttar 108337 same. They vary in price, services offered, ease of use, management system, etc. This is why which registrar to go with is an important decision. If you register your new domain name at one, and find you have overpaid compared to other registrars or you're not happy withrepparttar 108338 service, you either have to letrepparttar 108339 domain drop whenrepparttar 108340 registration expires or pay to register it again in order to transfer it to another registrar.

The following arerepparttar 108341 main factors to consider when choosing a registrar when buying a domain. Whether you are buying a new domain or thinking of transfering an existing domain to a different one, consider these before choosing:


The price you pay for your standard .com, .net or .org domain can vary greatly between registrars. While there are "free" domain name services available, many of them either buyrepparttar 108342 domain themselves and only permit you "use" ofrepparttar 108343 name, or force you to place large frames full of advertisements on your site in exchange forrepparttar 108344 domain name.

The cheapest you can expect to pay for a domain name would be between $12 and $15. At others you may expect to pay from $20 to $35 a year forrepparttar 108345 same domain.

Remember that price is notrepparttar 108346 only factor. When comparing prices, take into accountrepparttar 108347 other services offered byrepparttar 108348 registrar, their customer support, testimonies, etc.


Doesrepparttar 108349 registrar you are looking at offer more than just registration? Many will offer additional services withrepparttar 108350 registration of your domain which may make up for additional cost in price.

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