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Written by Charlotte Anthony

A Quantum Reach - puttingrepparttar heart in health care. Are you controlling your health or is it controlling YOU? We at A Quantum Reach believe its time to regain control over OUR personal health and OUR health care system. Wherever you are inrepparttar 124225 system (a patient, a caregiver or completely healthy), A Quantum Reach teaches you real-life techniques to integrate intuition, intention, partnering with doctors and effective communication for healthy results. The answer is not to turn our backs onrepparttar 124226 creative healing process. Traditional and alternative treatments can indeed coexist.

Blogs and Journalism

Written by Gunnar Berglund

Blogs and Journalism The world has seenrepparttar emergence of a new style of journalism, based on a 'raw feed' directly fromrepparttar 124224 source. Andrepparttar 124225 common notion that surroundsrepparttar 124226 emergence of serving 'raw feed' is thatrepparttar 124227 journalists testingrepparttar 124228 new waters are bound to wreak havoc on institutionalized media. Also a popular notion is that Weblogs changesrepparttar 124229 nature of 'news' is inrepparttar 124230 migration of information fromrepparttar 124231 personal torepparttar 124232 public.

Unquestionable, a blog is a medium that gives maximum exposure to one's creativity. Just by hittingrepparttar 124233 'post' button and any personal writing becomes published writing.

Weblogging is driving a powerful new form of amateur journalism. Today, millions of Net users - young people especially - have taken uprepparttar 124234 role of columnist, reporter, analyst and publisher while fashioning their own personal broadcasting networks.

Forrepparttar 124235 inexperienced, a blog consists of a running commentary with pointers to other sites. Some, like Librarian.net, Jim Romenesko's Media News or Steve Outing's E-Media Tidbits, cover entire industries by providing quick bursts of news with links to full stories.

Journalism and blogging together is becoming popular day by day, more than any other form of blogging. Following reasons are considered to extensively contribute to its increasing popularity:

Creative Freedom

Part of a blog's allure is its unmediated quality. For a journalist, there's no luxury likerepparttar 124236 luxury of publishing unedited essay. The freedom in being able to present yourself precisely as you want to is of enormous joy. It does not matter how sloppily, irrationally or erraticallyrepparttar 124237 content is written. The idea is to publish what you think inrepparttar 124238 way you think.


To a few writers, even writing for a weekly magazine may seem like taking ages to print. With a Weblog, you hitrepparttar 124239 send key and it is out.

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